Five ways to get strong and stay feeling young

Five ways to get strong and stay feeling young

Taking the time to build strength in your mind and body helps you hold back the years and maintain your active lifestyle. Try these tips for toughening up.

Taking the time to build strength in your mind and body helps you hold back the years and maintain your active lifestyle. Try these tips for toughening up.

Strong is the new beautiful. It doesn’t just help you look your best, it also means you’ll feel better and stay healthier later in life, so you can make the most of your freedom and embrace challenges with confidence.

But real strength isn’t just about hitting the gym; it also means eating well, getting plenty of rest and exercising our minds. It’s about every part of you working at its best.

So to find out how to get stronger in every way, take a look at our tips below.


From our thirties on, our bodies are steadily losing muscle, which is why older people get frail. But you don’t have to take it lying down; exercising with weights can slow down the process, helping you stay active, look your best and feel younger than your years.

Here are three easy exercises to get you started:

  1. squat while holding a dumbbell at your chest like a goblet

  2. lie on a bench while you push weights up over your chest

  3. lift dumbbells from the ground with a straight back and bent knees, pushing up with your legs.

  4. Start light and slowly increase the weight as your strength builds.


Research shows that exercise and keeping your mind active are two of the most important ways to reduce the risk of dementia in old age, and mid-life is a great time to focus on this aspect of your health.

Reading, doing puzzles like crosswords, playing cards or learning a new skill or language are all great ways to give your brain a workout. Staying socially engaged and having a strong social network can also help – if you need any excuse to get together with friends!


Working at a computer, reading or doing close-up work like needlepoint can all put strain on your eyes if you don’t take care. Help keep them healthy by eating plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in fish and greens.

You can also let your eye muscles stretch out and relax from time to time with this little exercise: every 20 minutes, give them a break from focusing on the screen by looking at an object about 20 feet away for 20 seconds. And every two hours, take a 15-minute break to walk around.


As we get older, our hair tends to get thinner and duller. That means we use more chemical treatments and styling this can dry out the strands and make them weaker. So keeping hair strong is crucial for maintaining beautiful locks.

Help is at hand with Pantene 3 Minute Miracle, which repairs up to three months of damage in just three minutes. It instantly melts into your hair to hydrate and nourish it from the core, strengthening each strand without giving you that weighed-down feeling.

Opt for the conditioner specially formulated to create volume, and you’ll be left with hair full of body, too. You can use it in place of your usual conditioner, so that means you get all the strength and benefits of a deep-conditioning treatment in your regular wash.

How do you work on staying strong in your daily routine? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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