Five surprising things that happen while you sleep

Five surprising things that happen while you sleep

We all know we should get our eight hours, but here we share the unexpected benefits of catching some much-needed shut-eye…

We all know we should get our eight hours, but here wesharethe unexpectedbenefits of catching some much-needed shut-eye...

Most of us feel like we could do with more sleep. Sure enough, anything from medication to the menopause can affect our ability to drop off at night.

But with the long, dark nights rolling in, it’s a good time to check out our top tips for a great night’s sleep. And to find out how important sleep really is, read on…

1. Your memory improves

When you’re snoozing, your brain is taking the opportunity to catch up on tasks like organising your memories and clearing out damaging neurotoxins that build up when you don’t sleep well. So it might be worth turning in for an early night if you’re struggling to remember your email password…

2. Your risk of depression could be reduced

Several studies have explored the relationship between sleep and depression, with one finding that a sleep duration of less than six hours per night increased participants’ risk of major depression.

While lack of sleep is probably not the only trigger, most medical professionals agree that getting a good amount of sleep is a smart step to feeling happy and stress-free. Scientists have even labelled the relaxed, happy state we find ourselves in post-nap, “nappiness”.

3. You’re lowering your chances of calling in sick

One Finnish study found that well-rested people were less likely to miss work compared to their colleagues who sleep poorly, and other research suggests sleep helps boost immunity, too. Reason enough to hit the snooze button?



4. You might lose weight

Most of us don’t realise how closely linked our sleep patterns and metabolism are. Several studies have found links between weight gain and irregular or restricted sleeping patterns.

Sleep-deprived people have also been found to consume more calories to help keep their energy levels up. In order to meet the day’s demands – physically and emotionally – enough rest is crucial.

5. Your skin repairs itself

As you sleep, your growth hormone levels rise and stimulate renewal of the body’s organs, including the skin – meaning if we skip those eight hours, we risk ageing prematurely.

Pair a good night’s rest with a layer of Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Age-Defying Night Cream to aid skin renewal with added hydration and anti-ageing ingredients, and you’ll start to wake up with fresh, younger-looking skin.

To find out more surprising things that could be ageing you, click here.

How do you make sure you get a good night’s sleep? We’d love to hear from you – do share with us in the comments section below.

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Getting Sleep

Jan66 30/10/2017

Despite following the usual advice preparing for bedtime etc, I still struggle getting a good nights sleep. Valerian can help, but I still wake up at crazy times during the night and I get over heated easily even on HRT. I have thankfully found some comfortable sleepwear which is specially made for women going through the menopause. Esteem helps.

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