Five exercise fears to overcome today

Five exercise fears to overcome today

How to get past the most common work out worries, including using Always Discreet if you’re concerned about leaks.

A lot of us don’t need to get to the gym to break out into a sweat – the thought of joining one is enough. It’s so easy to think it’s too intimidating and everyone else will be fitter, younger, thinner and more flexible.

1. Everyone will be looking at me

Most of this will empathise with feeling self-conscious, especially if we’re not stick-thin and 22. So just remember how self-absorbed most people are! They’re much more likely to be worrying about their workout – or whether everyone’s looking at them!

2. I might hurt myself

This is a pretty legitimate fear – no one likes pain! The best advice here is that, if you’re new to an activity, you should start slowly and build up. It’s also important to recognize the difference between tired muscles and something hurting.

What about avoiding injury, particularly if you want to try a more ‘risky’ activity? While you can never be 100% safe, you’ll hugely reduce the risk of hurting yourself by getting proper instruction.

3. I might leak

Did you know that one in three women suffer from a sensitive bladder – and that exercise can cause leaks?

No need (or excuse!) to keep away from the gym though. You just need protection you can trust. Always Discreet is a range of pantyliners pads and underwear that will make worrying about leaks a thing of the past.

4. I’ll sweat

Whoever came up with the old adage about ladies ‘merely glowing’ has a lot to answer for! Sweating is a perfectly natural process and is how your body cools itself down.

However, if you still feel self-conscious about getting sweaty, why not invest in some workout clothes in performance fabrics that wick away moisture.

5. I might fail

This is a crazy worry when you think about it! We’re quite happy to tell our kids and grandkids that if they don’t try they can’t succeed, yet we’re worried about making fools of ourselves by ‘failing’ at Zumba, Pilates, whatever.

Ask yourself the question: who really cares? And remember that letting go of a fear of failure is very liberating.

What are your tips for ditching exercise fears? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Fears on going to the gym

Julie 18/08/2017

You know what's it like ladies. Start off you have nothing to wear that even resembles a gym kit, apart from a naf pair of shorts that you could once get into. It's the bra that also gives you the confidence, you don't want to have something too up lifting which if your like me too much jumping up and down will give you black eyes or better still go into a one tit ( that's what it looks like when you try to wear a sports bra ) I just want to feel confident without the stress

Do not overthink it


I often used to overthink about exercising and keep putting it off until later. Don't overthink it, once you've decided to exercise just do it. Get it out of the way and you won't have to think about it for the rest of the day. Also, just remember everyone has to start someone, gym goers weren't born with abs, body builders didn't start off lifting those huge weights. You make progress everytime you exercise. So just do it

Others feel the same


I worried about people looking at me,and what i look like,but i then realised that others feel the same,and so try to have fun,don't take it too serious.


komal 12/05/2017

I use to feel this way but then I went with my friend for some I get use to of exercise machines and the all fears were gone

Anxiety holds you back

geraldine 11/05/2017

Hi i have many fears and one of them is what if exercise makes me feel unwell,silly i know as exercise is the only way to keep well,my mind plays tricks ,makes me feel like its bad for my heart to beat faster and stronger,well i give myself a pep talk and i go outside with my anxiety walking along with me,

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