Eating out: five foods to look out for this autumn

Eating out: five foods to look out for this autumn

Feel like branching out from your usual restaurant favourites? These are the latest dining-out trends that the country’s most creative chefs are exploring.

Feel like branching out from your usual restaurant favourites? These are the latest dining-out trends that the country’s most creative chefs are exploring.

There’s probably never been a more exciting time to dine out, with restaurants taking inspiration from all over the world and chefs competing to make the most innovative dishes.

But this explosion in creativity from chefs is possible only because so restaurant-goers like you are more willing to try something new.

We’re all glued to TV shows like Masterchef, so we’re more aware than ever of the skills of top chefs and the quirky ingredients that they’re trying out – and there’s always a trend in the offing, whether it’s scattering edible flowers over a salad or going back to basics with traditional offal recipes. (Not for everyone, we agree!)

And even if you wear dentures, you can try new foods with confidence. All you need is Fixodent Complete. It creates a thin, strong layer that keeps your dentures comfortably in place, just like natural teeth.

Which means you don’t have to scour the menu for food that won’t get trapped: you can eat, talk and laugh without a care. So take a look at some of the latest food trends you can get your teeth into.

Pickles and ferments

It’s long been traditional to preserve produce after the harvest so there’s something to keep us going in the long winter months. But chefs today are inspired by both their health benefits – because of the way fermented foods are believed to help gut bacteria – and their taste.

Look out for ingredients such as Korean kimchi (cabbage fermented with chilli), Yucatan pickles (spicy pickled red onions) and kombucha, a fermented tea, to give the trend a try.

Purple food

Autumn is all about colour, so chefs are using the trend for purple food to add some vibrant rustic tones to their art-on-a-plate. Expect to see everything from purple cauliflower and heritage carrots to acai berries.

Purple foods may have more to offer than their visual appeal: many of them contain anthocyanins, one of the superfood antioxidants which some studies have linked to better heart health and longevity (although there’s more research to be done).


With many of us looking to cut down our meat consumption, jackfruit has become the latest contender. It’s already a staple of south and south-east Asian cuisine and it’s increasingly popping up on the menus of adventurous western chefs.

Food experts say it has the potential to catch on as a meat substitute because of its satisfying texture and its ability to absorb the flavours of whatever its cooked with. So look out for its appearance in some complex, spicy dishes – or even in burgers.


With its warm, earthy flavour and vibrant colour, turmeric is perfect for autumn. It’s long been used in Indian cuisine but the discovery of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects has encouraged more experimentation.

Now you’re as likely to find turmeric in a smoothie, a cocktail or even a latte as you are in soup or stew, as restaurants find creative new ways to make use of this traditional spice.


OK, this one may seem like it’s just for the brave, but restaurateurs are serious about putting our six-legged friends on the menu. They’re a sustainable form of protein and they can be hidden away in powdered “flour” for the squeamish.

For a while, they’ve been the preserve of experimental chefs such as Heston Blumenthal. But now health food shops have begun to stock edible bugs, and the Wahaca chain of Mexican restaurants has been taking its grasshopper dip mainstream.

What’s the latest food trend that you love? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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