6 top tips to help your sensitive skin

6 top tips to help your sensitive skin

Try these steps to figure out what could be causing your skin flare ups, and how you can prevent them.


It’s not just babies and little ones whose skin needs extra TLC – you can suffer from sensitive skin at any age. In fact, hormonal changes due to the menopause can cause your skin glands to produce less oil, so you may notice irritation from rough or coarse fabrics more than ever.

And with the cold winter air coming in, there are even more reasons for your skin to feel chapped and itchy.

If you have a skin disorder, such as eczema, rosacea or contact dermatitis, it’s worth seeking professional treatment. You may also be reacting to certain heavily perfumed products or environments.

The symptoms can vary from redness, burning, itching and blotchiness to dryness, tightness, and a tendency towards blushing or flushing. If you have trouble with any of these symptoms, read on for tips on identifying and removing the cause of the sensitivity, and helping you take care of your sensitive skin.

1. Keep it simple

The less product you use on your skin, the better. So avoid overcomplicated skincare routines, instead paring back to a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine for morning and evening.

2. No scrubs

Exfoliating, whether it’s with a gritty scrub or a cleansing brush, can be just too much for sensitive souls, leaving you red and raw. Instead, try wetting a flannel and gently washing your skin in small circular movements before moisturising with a suitable product.

3. Check the ingredients

Always read the labels. Different products will affect different people, but as a general rule it’s best to choose ones with only a few ingredients, and that have little or no fragrance. Ask the shop assistant if they offer samples, so you can try products before you buy.

And be wary of the term “hypoallergenic”, as while this means it’s “less likely” to cause an allergic reaction, it’s the manufacturer’s claim, not a medical one.

4. Take a look at your laundry

The closest thing to your skin the majority of the day is your clothing, so it’s important to choose your washing detergent carefully.

Fairy Non Bio, for example, is dermatologically tested and has been voted the No.1 laundry brand for sensitive skin, complete with a seal of approval from the Skin Health Alliance. It’s just what you need all year round, but especially when it’s chilly.

Simply pop a Fairy Non Bio Pod* into your washing machine drum and load your clothes on top. Add a cap of Fairy Non-Bio Fabric Conditioner for super softness, and your skin will thank you for it.

5. Be weather savvy

Always think before you step outside. No matter what the sun’s doing, it’s important to protect your skin with an SPF. For daily use, go for a sensitive moisturiser with SPF protection. Then for hot, sunny days, try a high SPF that’s been formulated for kids, as they tend to be gentler on sensitive skin.

Winter weather can play havoc with your skin too, thanks to the combination of plummeting temperatures and central heating. The key is to avoid the extremes, wrapping up warm when you’re outside and not turning your thermostat up too high when you’re at home. Don’t have your showers or baths too hot either, as this will really dry out your skin.

6. Try not to stress

Our skin is our body’s biggest organ, so it makes sense that it suffers when we get frazzled. And if your stress levels are affecting your skin, this is your body’s way of telling you to stop.

It’s easier said than done, we know, but try to de-stress when you can. Make time for that yoga class, practice mindfulness and try not to overstretch yourself, asking for help when you need it and learning to say “no”. You’ll really notice the difference in your whole body and mind, as well as your skin.

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*Like all household products, keep Fairy Non-Bio Pods out of sight and out of reach of children.

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Sensitive skin


I've used this on my girls clothing and it works and smells lovely

Fairy non bio is the best


Fairy non bio , is great for sensitive skin. You can wave goodbye to rashes and blotchy skin. It leaves laundry as soft as can be , as well fresh and crisp , what more could you want?

My wee sensitive soul

Rebecca 23/01/2019

My middle daughters skin is very sensitive. Fairy non bio is the only washing powder I can use. Not that I’m complaining. I love it.

stop that itching feeling

joyro1 24/12/2018

After using non bio fairy i found my skin stopped itching and i felt easier, i now wash all my laundry in non bio fairy and it solved my itching skin problem.


Helen 25/11/2018

Not only does Fairy help with skin conditions; it also smells lovely.

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