7 ways to find your happy every day

7 ways to find your happy every day

Taking the time to consciously savour life’s simple pleasures is an easy way to give your mood a lift. Here are some everyday moments to cherish.


Taking the time to consciously savour life’s simple pleasures is an easy way to give your mood a lift. Here are some everyday moments to cherish.

Happiness is hard to maintain when the day-to-day drudgery can get on top of you. But if you embrace life’s little happy moments, it’s easier to feel a sense of contentment in your everyday life.

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Let’s take a look at which moments you should savour to help you feel happy every day…

1. That first cup of tea

Start the day as you mean to go on by appreciating your morning cuppa. Instead of taking sips between rushing to get ready for work, or drinking it while reading the newspaper, allow yourself five minutes to enjoy it while focusing on the day ahead.

You could close your eyes, or look out of your window at the world outside, and talk positively to yourself about overcoming any challenges you may face, or embrace the feeling of looking forward to something happening later.

This will help get you into a positive frame of mind and feeling ready for the day ahead.

2. Enjoying a good laugh

Whether it’s a giggle with a friend, a funny Facebook video or your favourite TV sitcom, laughter releases those all-important feel-good endorphins, so it’s a great shortcut to lifting your mood. Plus, laughing decreases stress hormones and even increases disease-fighting antibodies, so go and get that funny bone tickled.

3. Tucking into something tasty

Too often we eat our food without really paying attention – we’re too busy talking, watching TV or reading. Instead, remember to eat slowly and savour the mouthfuls. Pay attention to the tastes you’re experiencing, the comforting warmth of a hot meal, the sensations as you chew and swallow, and so on.

Not only will this help you appreciate your food more, but by eating slowly, your body will let you know when it’s full so you won’t be in danger of over-eating. And eating too much can affect your mood as you end up feeling uncomfortable in body and somewhat guilty in mind.

4. Having a cuddle

When you’re feeling low, there’s nothing quite like a hug from someone close to you. And it’s not just in our heads – cuddles are scientifically proven to increase the levels of the “love hormone” oxytocin, and lower stress hormones such as cortisol. Indeed, a 20-second hug and 10 minutes of hand-holding reportedly helps lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

So whether it’s your other half, your grandkids or your friend, try to squeeze in a hug a day to keep the blues away.

5. Getting outside

If your mood is low, it can be tempting to hibernate indoors and not face the outside world. However, a moment in the fresh air can do you the world of good, especially in summer.

Go for a walk, and instead of letting whatever’s getting to you rattle around your head, make a conscious effort to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Watch the leaves fluttering in the breeze, listen out for birds tweeting sweetly to each other, breathe in the smells of summer and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Plus, if you up the pace on your walk enough to raise your heartrate, you’ll get those exercise endorphins pumping too!

6. Doing something good for others

Make yourself feel good by making someone else feel good – simple. Helping others can boost your self-esteem, make you feel more positive, useful and grateful for your own blessings. It even has a chemical reaction on your body, which is nicknamed the “helper’s high”.

And helping others doesn’t have to mean running a marathon for charity – it can be as simple as leaving your £1 in the trolley for the next shopper. Read our article for more inspirational ideas for everyday kindness to help you on your way to happy.

7. Bedtime

When you’re snuggled up in bed, take a moment to reflect on your day and find five moments to be grateful for. From achieving something you had struggled with, to enjoying a relaxing bubble bath, you can write them down or just count them off in your head.

Doing this will help you to find the good in a mediocre or bad day, or take a moment to cherish a good day rather than just let it slip by.

What makes you happy? Share your special everyday moments with us in the comments section below.

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My garden

Hockeymum1477 19/07/2018

First thing in the morning and last thing at night, I spend 5 minutes just looking at my back garden. From the kitchen window if it’s raining. It’s taken me 15 years to get the area as I want, now I can just look and appreciate, it’s my sanctuary.

Moments to savoour

Lindac 08/07/2018

I just love my first cup of tea on a morning and always take a few minutes to enjoy and reflect. I also agree it is the best thing to cheer me up having a big cuddle from my lovely big furry Old English Sheepdog Dylan.

Happy Granny

bella1 07/07/2018

Just a smile and a hug from my Gradson makes me happy.

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