Five ways to freshen up your workout gear

Five ways to freshen up your workout gear

You work out to feel great, but lingering odours in gym clothes can dampen the mood. Try these tips to banish sweaty smells.

We all know regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. And the biggest trick to keeping up your exercise routine is staying motivated. For lots of us, that means having some workout gear that helps us look and feel the part. But after a while, it can start to pick up lingering odours from all that hard work – not so great for an optimistic workout mood. But don’t worry: just follow these tips to get your gear back in peak condition.

1. Hang up your clothes before you cool down
When you’re happily exhausted from a great workout, you’re probably not going to feel like tackling the laundry right away. That’s only natural, but be sure to take a moment to hang up your sweaty clothes. When they dry naturally, they won’t be such a breeding ground for bacteria and smells won’t have a chance to develop.

2. Change your laundry routine
Workout clothes are often made from fabrics that repel water – great for wicking away moisture while you’re training hard, but less great when it’s time to wash them. That sometimes means they don’t get fully clean in your usual laundry cycle. So to get stubborn odours out, soak for half an hour in water with 250ml of white vinegar. Then wash as normal, with just a little bit of detergent: large amounts make it harder for the water to thoroughly penetrate these high-tech fabrics.

3. Turn down the heat
High temperatures in the dryer can also cause smells to linger, so if you have to tumble-dry your workout gear, stick with a lower heat setting. Better yet, dry them on the line. Did you know that sunlight is a natural disinfectant? The UV light zaps bacteria, helping to prevent the build-up of odour and keeping things nice and fresh.

4. Spritz up your sneakers
The biggest cause of smelly trainers is sweaty socks, so making sure you’ve got absorbent sports socks is a great start to keeping your sneakers fresh. Airing them out between workouts and ensure they have time to dry out will also help to prevent them getting smelly. For extra reassurance that you haven’t gone noseblind to whiffy trainers, add a spritz of Febreze Fabric Refresher, which neutralises nasty odours and adds fresh scents.

5. Don’t forget the gym bag
You won’t be able to keep your workout clothes clean and fresh if your gym bag smells like old socks. But if your bag’s not washable, never fear: just spray in a touch of Febreze. It doesn’t just cover over odours with its fresh smell, instead using patented odour elimination technology to totally neutralise the sweaty stink that gets trapped in fabrics.

How do you motivate yourself to hit the gym? Let us know in the comments section below.

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