New head & shoulders Tri-Action: Prepare to be amazed


The head & shoulders Tri-Action range cleanses, protects and nourishes. So you can step into the world with up to 100% flake-free, unbelievably beautiful hair.


When these women discovered the name of the secret shampoo they’ve been pampered with, they couldn’t believe it. That’s because the UK’s number one shampoo is now even better.

The new head & shoulders Tri-Action range cleanses, protects and nourishes – leaving you with up to 100% flake-free, unbelievably beautiful hair.

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Product looks amazing

Gwen 25/11/2017

I have spent a lot time finding the right hair product and feel this would suit me best so going to try this product! It sounds amazing.

Love Head and Shoulders

Hopegirl 07/10/2017

I'm definitely going to try the tri action range because, of all the shampoos and conditioners that I've ever used, Head and Shoulders has made my hair look and feel the best.

Amazing 3in1 Shampoo

Georgie1 23/07/2017

Give your scalp a scalpel, facial, with the new smart 3in1 head & shoulders tri-action. One of my favourite campaigns I participated in, everyone loved it. 100 % positive feedback. Hair is hydrated, smooth to touch. Smells gorgeous, feels like silk. I highly recommend this for all heart types. No more snow on your shoulders, flake free, shiny, healthier hair. Smart technology for your hair and scalp. Must try this. You will be amazed. Watch this video, read reviews on super savvy me. Love it.

family favorite

ks243 17/06/2017

This shampoo has been used by all family members for 2 generations now. I can't believe its being made even better. Must look out for the latest product!


gillian 17/06/2017

Tried it ,loved it. That was a time ago but with the added tempts of silkyness and cleanliness I want to try it again. Years ago it took the colour out of hair if coloured but now with the new Head and sholders it does not do that, in fact it helps the scalp and hair into life.

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