Your hot-weather hair problems solved!

Your hot-weather hair problems solved!

From dry hair to dandruff to fading colour, we look at how the summer can play havoc with your hair – and how to fix it.

From dry hair to dandruff to fading colour, we look at how the summer can play havoc with your hair – and how to fix it.

You’ve been waiting months on end for the sun to shine, and when it finally arrives you want to make the most of every minute of it, right? So you slap the sunscreen on and head outside… only to realise that the heat is quickly turning your hair-do into a hair-don’t.

But with these tips you can step out for a good-old dose of vitamin D, safe in the knowledge your hair is being well looked after.

“My hair is so dry it feels like straw”

Hot weather can strip your hair of moisture, and if you already blow-dry your hair and/or use heated tools, your locks are likely drier than the Sahara during summer. This results in split-ends, breakage and thirsty-looking hair.

3 steps to solve it

  1. Every time you go out in the sun, you need to coat your hair with a protective layer. For example Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Hair Oil nourishes brittle strands and protects hair from heat, so spray your locks with it before heat styling or going out in the sun.
  2. Dry hair breaks more easily, so you’ll need to be extra careful with it. For example, detangle with a wide-toothed comb, moving from the ends up to the roots; blot hair dry with a towel rather than rubbing it or tying it into a turban, which can pull on the hair; get regular trims to keep split ends in check, and so on.
  3. Switch your usual conditioner for something more powerful. Pantene 3 Minute Miracle is as nourishing as a hair mask, but you can use it every time you wash your hair. Try the Repair and Protect conditioner to fix three months of hair damage in just three minutes, leaving you with healthy, nourished locks.

“My fresh colour fades”

UV rays have a bleaching effect on hair, so time in the sun will lighten your locks – which is great if you’re going for the platinum blonde look, but not so great if your freshly dyed brunette or red hair quickly looks faded.

3 steps to solve it

  1. If you’re out in the sun for a prolonged amount of time, your best option is to wear a hat. This not only stops the sun from fading your hair colour, but also helps prevent sun damage to your hair, scalp and face.
  2. Use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for coloured hair. For example, Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo is free from silicone, colourants and parabens, so it’s gentle on your hair and colour, while the Colour Mate Conditioner uses wild peach extract to nourish and protect your hair from chemical damage, which means your colour is protected, too.
  3. Over time, washing can still fade your colour, so you can prolong its vibrancy by washing your hair less often. For days between washes, revive oily roots with dry shampoo – and if you use one that matches your hair colour, it works as a sneaky root touch-up too!

“My dandruff gets worse”

Hot temperatures and the ensuing sweat can exacerbate dandruff, as it provides the ideal conditions for the microbe that causes a flaky scalp, allowing it to thrive. So, while it may be sunny outside, it could be snowing on your shoulders…

2 steps to solve it

  1. The number one solution is to use an anti-dandruff shampoo. If you have severe dandruff and a tight, itchy scalp, try Head & Shoulders Clinically Proven Solutions to help relieve the condition. Or if it’s a milder case of the flakes, use Head & Shoulders Nourishing Care, which tackles dandruff while deeply conditioning your hair and leaving it scented with lavender.
  2. Protect your scalp from direct sunlight with a hat. Alternatively, lose your scalp-exposing parting by brushing your hair back, trying it into a ponytail or bun if it’s long. This should help prevent the sun from burning and irritating your scalp, while also hiding away flaky skin. For a chic and protective addition, wrap a headscarf around your hair, tying the ends around your bun, ponytail or at the nape of your neck.

How do you take extra care of your hair in the summer? Let us know in the comments section below…

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Soft and nourished


My friend suggested Pantene 3 Minute Miracle to me as I was off to the Caribbean where the temperature was in the high 80's and it was very humid. I was so pleased I took it with me. She was so right, it was just what my hair needed to keep it looking and feeling soft, supple and well nourished without drying it out. It also kept the frizz at bay too, it was really a true miracle so much so that I use it at home now every time I wash my hair.

Frizzy Hair Cure

Sally 09/08/2018

I have been using Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Hair Oil during this long hot spell every day and the results are amazing. As soon as I step outside with nothing on my hair it turns to frizz :( But Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Hair Oil was suggested to me and I haven't looked back bye bye frizz :) Don't use too much though it's a trial and error thing to get the right amount for your hair.

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