What’s making you look older than you are?

What’s making you look older than you are?

Tamsin Blanchard gives us a head to toe rundown of those little style tweaks that can make a big difference to our appearance.

As we all know, age is so much more than just a number. No matter how confident you feel, it only needs a visit to the opticians (I was recently told I needed glasses not only for distance but for reading too) or to the hairdressers (‘Are you sure you don’t want a colour today?’), or to catch your reflection in a shop window with your shoulders bent over like well, your mother, to take the shine off your day. But all of these things can be easily rectified. Here’s how…

Flirt with specs appeal

I chose some really cool frames for my reading glasses and now feel positively sassy when I put them on. If you too have had to succumb to a pair for such a task, why not channel the new look at Gucci and embrace your inner geek? Just avoid the urge to peer over the tops of them like a school teacher.

Say yes to hair colour

Maybe try your own at home before letting a salon decide your destiny. Alternatively, I’m a big fan of a hair gloss and try to do a regular hair mask. A bit of grey looks really quite chic as long as your hair is shiny and healthy looking.

Tidy up your edges

This is a surefire solution to sharpen up your look. To start with, a clean neckline is an instant fix. Play around with the best shape to suit you. Detachable collars are a fun way to update a top. Etsy has a great selection, including some classic Peter Pan collars that will add instant definition.

Try a new colour palette

If you’ve always worn dark clothes, why not try a white shirt, or a shade of green (big for this season)? Graphic gingham and bold stripes were a hit on the catwalks and are worth trying out. Or you might prefer a touch of lace – another big trend for spring/summer, particularly on a slip dress or as the detail on a neckline or a sleeve. This is also a great way to cover your arms while still showing a hint of flesh.

Soften your make-up

You might want to try a more toned-down shade of your usual lip colour, or a smudgier eyeliner. If you are feeling brave, shiny metallic fabrics are going to be everywhere (and are surprisingly flattering), so why not try out a bit of glitter in your make-up too? Some sparkle on your eye-lids is guaranteed to lift your whole complexion along with your mood.

Make a final touch

There is one small thing you can do to make yourself instantly more youthful, and as I write, I am doing it. It’s very simple. Pull in your stomach, tighten your core, and sit or stand up straight. Shoulders down, back straight. There. You immediately look slimmer, taller, more confident. How young did you say you were?

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Donna 12/06/2017

I slap on coconut oil all over my body and hair after sunbathing, especially when my skin is sunburnt or dry. It's also brilliant to cover feet with coconut oil and wear socks overnight to get rid of hard skin😎


Donna 12/06/2017

Pleated skirts look smart for work or going out. But look equally as cool worn with trainers and t shirts for day wear🙋x

Happy with age

Carole 25/05/2017

I keep makeup to eyes and lips and my hair colour is white. I am 64 and happy with how l look apart from weight issues.



Loads of water at least 2 pints aday keeps the wrinkles at bay.lol. no but seriously it does help, as it sounds mental but an extra 2 pints makes a differnce. I do 1 in the morning and 1 before bed. Im 48 and always get asked if my grandchildren are my children(although they r in a way!) As nobody believes me. Give it a bash. Xxx

You Read My Mind


I say that same question to myself every single day. My answer is more often than not, lack of sleep! Get your beauty sleep girls, it makes a massive difference. Thank you Tamsin x

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