Three things you didn’t know were ageing you

Three things you didn’t know were ageing you

From genetics to diet to sun damage, we all know about the big culprits in ageing, but here are three issues you may never have considered

As summer kicks in properly, most of us will already be doing our best to protect our complexions from damaging sunshine, and improve our skin with healthy foods. But there are other simple changes you can make to keep you looking younger – and here are three you may never have thought of.

1. Copper in the water
Did you know that the water that we wash our hair with may contain minerals like copper? No biggie, except that copper has an oxidating effect on hair, which may cause it to weaken and the colour to fade. But don’t panic: Pantene Pro-V has developed groundbreaking new technology to help protect our hair’s core from breakage by helping to neutralise the damaging impurities like copper from weakening our locks. Try Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Collection.

2. Pillow face
Sleeping on your side is known to increase nose-to-mouth lines and cause a loss of volume. “Your head is the weight of a bowling ball, so you will have more lines on the side of your face you sleep on,” explains celebrity Los Angeles beautician Nurse Jamie Sherrill. “Train yourself to sleep on your back, and sleep on one thin pillow rather than propping your head up.” Give your skin an extra boost overnight using Olay Regenerist 3-Point Age-Defying Night Cream to help reboot skin energy whilst you sleep. Top tip: investing in a silk pillow is not only wrinkle-reducing – it also helps keeps hair from tangling and breaking.

3. Metal on hair bands
Find your hair is looking a little less smooth than usual? The metal clasp on some hair bands can cause strands of hair to snap, and if you use them regularly you can really see the wear and tear. It’s much easier now to buy snag-free hair elastics – without having to resort to 1990s-style scrunchies! For extra back up, give your hair a boost with Pantene Pro-V BB Crème 7-in-1 Hair Perfector.

What are your top tips for keeping ageing at bay – or do you prefer to age gracefully? Let us know below.

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Vickym 30/06/2016

The first thing in the morning I reach for in the kitchen is a glass of warm water, cleanses my body and makes me feel awake! Years of weaning myself off tea has made me feel more hydrated.

Olay and water

JoJo 20/06/2016

Ive used Olay for such a long time, I love it, and I have long hair, after washing it with shampoo, i always rinse with cold water , which brings a shine ( no idea why lol )

Me time

Christine31 20/06/2016

A cooling face pack, rinse away then apply an Olay moisturiser, lovely.

Active lifestyle

Scather 19/06/2016

I think an active lifestyle keeps you looking and feeling young.

how old

zetland 18/06/2016

I think drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated is key to looking younger. You also can't beat a good night's sleep to look and feel refreshed

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