Three steps to a capsule wardrobe

Three steps to a capsule wardrobe

It’s easy to fill your wardrobe, but find yourself only wearing a few items from it. Here’s how to clear it out – and keep what’s left in tip-top condition.

From the dress you got engaged in to your favourite (most hideous) 80s jumper, the sequinned jacket that gets pulled out for special occasions and the sale buys you can’t quite squeeze into, your closet can seem like a chronicle of your life.

But just like an action-packed adulthood, a full wardrobe can be a mixed bag, the highlights sitting alongside the better forgotten, leaving a good old clear-out the only option. Because not only does an ordered closet make life easier on a daily basis (no more stressing about having nothing to wear), but it is also much better for keeping your clothes in good condition, rather than crumpled up next to each other.

There are all sorts of methods for sorting things out, from complicated flow charts to hiring a professional wardrobe mistress. But actually, it’s pretty simple if you follow our three essential steps to finally sorting out that clothes collection.

1. Completely empty your closet and drawers

Then give them a good clean from top to bottom, put in some lavender bags, drawer-liners and anti-moth treatments, and leave the doors and drawers open to air them. Replace any old wire hangers with well-shaped wooden or padded ones, to keep your clothes in shape and create some order. There’s nothing like a refreshed wardrobe to inspire you to keep it tidy.

2. Bin, donate, sell, mend, keep

Go through your clothes piece by piece, and divide them into five piles:

Bin… anything that’s beyond the pale, damaged, moth-eaten, and guaranteed never to return to fashion. (Bye bye shell suits and greying knickers!) It doesn’t have to go into landfill – check with your council to see if there are any local textile recycling points, or tear up old clothes to use as dusters.

Donate… items that are still in good condition and clean, but you haven’t worn for 12-18 months and have no sentimental value. Make sure you wash everything before you take it to the charity shop.

Sell… new or nearly new items that you haven’t worn for 12-18 months, especially if they’re desirable or expensive brands. You can try eBay, or see if you have a nearly-new store near you that might buy a batch of clothes and accessories. You won’t get as much, but it’s less hassle than posting everything out.

Mend… items that have some life left in them, but you never wear because they’re missing buttons, have fallen hems, need dry-cleaning or have split seams. Put aside an afternoon to do what repairs you can, and consider paying a professional for more complicated repairs like zip replacements – life’s too short!

Keep… items you wear regularly, special-occasion pieces that only come out once in a while, and anything that has true, positive sentimental value (it can be cathartic to ditch items that remind you of more challenging times, if you’re ready to).

3. Maintain your good work

Keeping an eye on your wardrobe acquisitions is essential from now on – try to stick to a one-in-one-out rule, so you never over-fill it again (easier said than done, of course). As for the clothes you have, make sure they last longer, feel softer and look brighter, by protecting them with the right laundry products. Lenor’s fabric conditioners protect clothes against the three signs of ageing – stretching, fading and bobbling – as well as infusing them with long-lasting fragrance to keep your wardrobe smelling divine.

Is your wardrobe ordered or awful? What are your tips for keeping clothes under control? Let us know in the comments box below.

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ANGELA 16/05/2018

I have been saying that i'll get into them by Christmas, Christmas comes and goes and still no fit, then i'll get into them by summer holiday, summer holiday comes and goes and the circle carries on and on, finally, i got up this morning and decided that it's about accepting the shape i am, so 10 big black bags later, the wardrobe, the suitcases, the storage bags out of the loft had to go, like you said, 1 in 1 out - it was lovely to see all the colours come back into play.

I Need Space


I've being saying to myself since January I need to clear out my wardrobe, I have no room everything is cramped up, this weekend sorry clothes some of you have to go. I love the tip one in one out, and I always say if you've not worn in two years - 'get rid'. I'm a hoarder of clothes and have got to let go,


YVONNE 25/05/2017

I keep winter cloths in a suit case light weight on top in case it turns chilly in summer, i put a piece of kitchen roll dipped in Lenor, to keep them smelling fresh. I change it every time i change my Lenor, the summer cloths are hanging with piece of kitchen roll tucked in the middle so i always get a nice smell when i come to get dressed in the mornings. I do the same when i swap the cloths about at winter time.

Time to clear out

Carol 07/02/2017

Good advice. I need to clear out as I have dropped a couple if sizes thanks to SW and must get tough on myself as I tend to hoard. Thankfully I use Lenor so my wardrobe smells nice

Unworn Clothes


Think it is time I let go my clothes I haven't worn for years

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