There are no rules, wear whatever you like

There are no rules, wear whatever you like

Turning 50 is a cause for celebration. It means you have arrived. You know who you are (just about) and you finally know what suits you. So wear it.

If you have children, you’ve probably got to grips with being a mother. Or as much as you ever will. You might have rediscovered your social life after years of being too exhausted to speak, let alone go for a night out. And finally, you know how to get dressed. You know what suits you – and what doesn’t.

You’ve probably been through more trends than you’d like to remember. You’ve done short, long and in between. You’ve worn skinnies (those were the days), you’ve worn flares. You settled on bootlegs and now, joy, you’ve discovered the boyfriend (jeans, that is). You’ve done shoulders (high rise, narrow and possibly even asymmetric). Your hair has at times been, frankly ridiculous, and don’t even think about how much money you’ve spent on it over the years (and that’s not about to stop any time soon). But you’ve found the perfect style and can concentrate instead on keeping it looking glossy and healthy.

You’ve followed the trends, sometimes slavishly. But you’ve learnt over the years that what goes round comes round and round again. In the end, you’ve come to realise that your body shape, your colouring and your own personal taste is all you need to know. You’re not trying to impress anyone anymore (although your children are your most honest critics). You want to feel comfortable, and look cool, sexy, stylish, sassy – as confident as you feel. You know what colour to paint your lips, even if a lot of the time, you can’t quite be bothered.

Each month I will be here, talking about fashion and beauty. I won’t be telling you what you should and shouldn’t wear. You know that far better than I do. But I will be sharing ideas about how to dress, how to finesse your look, how to reinvigorate your wardrobe, and how to make the most of your own – fabulous – personal style.

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No eyebrows

Sue 16/04/2017

My eyebrows are overplucked and whats left are half grey. No definition and i need something that makes them defined

Thank you

helen65 04/08/2016

I turned 50 last August and I must say I had never felt better however was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September which resulted in a full hysterectomy the old fashioned way. Although I'm great ful be here I have gained three stone and getting more and more depressed each day. But I must say after reading your article I found my self grinning like a Cheshire cat as I related to your every word thank you

Never too old

suesteed 25/07/2016

we are never too old (or too young) to try out a new idea or style, looking forward to this section for new ideas.

Thanks Tamsin

Christine31 12/05/2016

Great section, looking forward to the tips and advice.

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