The new swimwear trends your body will love

The new swimwear trends your body will love

Whether you prefer a bikini or swimsuit, these are the summer styles to try poolside – and there’s something to suit every body shape.

Whether you prefer a bikini or swimsuit, these are the summer styles to try poolside – and there’s something to suit every body shape.

Summer is upon us and, whether you’re already packing for the beach, or you’re hanging on to that forgiving jumper for as long as possible, eventually you’ll have to shop for swimwear.

It’s easy to get more cautious about buying swimwear as we get older – after all, we no longer have the bodies we did in our 20s. But this year, cast your reservations aside and turn to the latest trends for inspiration.

From flattering two-pieces to styles offering more support, you’ll find a costume that is the right fashion match for your body shape and gives you the poolside confidence boost you need…

Trend 1: Swimsuit sleeves

One of the fashion trends to come out of the designer swimwear catwalk shows (yes, they do exist) was swimming costumes with sleeves – good news if you’re worried about those pesky tops-of-arms! Think sports-style suits that surfers wear, minimalist one pieces with full-length sleeves, or a small off-the-shoulder frill sleeve. These are super flattering, as not only do they offer a little more coverage, but they add a flurry of detail that draws attention.

Trend 2: Scuba support

Modern scuba-style swimsuits and bikinis are offering ladies with a bigger bust the support they’ve always dreamed of. With its sharp colour-blocking and minimalist look, the style is more active sportswear than frilly and flimsy. Great if you are bigger on the top with a smaller waist, or feeling energetic and fancy a go at some watersports this summer. Bonus tip: you can protect your new swimwear and envelop your clothes with that fresh smell of the sea by adding Lenor Deep Sea Minerals Fabric Conditioner to your wash.

Trend 3: Thigh high

If your legs are your favourite feature then you’re in luck here – 1980s-style high-leg swimsuits and bikinis are back. Good news for apple shapes, too, as you can wear a slimming and controlling swimsuit but update the style by flaunting those legs a little more. There are also plenty of high-cut bikini bottoms with a higher waistline – a flattering choice if you want to wear a bikini but would like a bit more stomach support.

Trend 4: Clever with colour

Geometric colour-blocking is providing a refreshing break from ditsy and wild prints this season, and cleverly placed panels can add definition and shape to your figure. Look for block panels around the hips to give the illusion of curves and a belt band in a contrasting colour to define the waist.

Trend 5: Get into a mesh

Sheer fabrics and mesh overlays have been fashion news for a while, but now you can find them cropping up on swimwear. Great if you want to opt for a classic bikini or swimsuit without looking too conservative. Those in a single colour with coordinating mesh panels offer a more sophisticated look.

Trend 6: Summer florals

Whatever swimsuit or bikini shape you choose, add a little flower power. Bold and pretty floral prints will be all over your swimwear this summer, which is excellent news – random prints help disguise a multitude of figure faults, as they distract the eye from landing on any one particular part of your frame.

Trend 7: Asymmetric style

The 1990s one-shoulder neckline is back on swimwear – ideal if you are an apple or pear shape and would rather draw attention away from your tummy or hips, as this flattering neckline slims shoulders and naturally draws the eye up to your collarbone and face. For a pretty twist, opt for one with a small repetitive print, such as tiny polka dot, or a bow on the shoulder.

What’s your secret to swimwear confidence? Let us know below in the comments section and check out Lenor for tips on keeping your swimwear in good shape.

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Before you buy

Kevin Briant 15/11/2018

For some reason most over weight people (including Men) think they look good in tight fitting outfits. When in the shop try it on and LOOK in the mirror and what you see is what others see!!....if it looks good with no bits overhanging then ware it. don't buy it

Feel feminine

Shazza-b 02/06/2018

I dont think it really maters what you wear as long as you feel good I have about 10 different bikinis in all different colours and a swim skirt that i mix and match and it's not as though I'll see anyone I know from home anyway so I just relax about how I dress .

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