10 good hair day hacks

10 good hair day hacks

Say goodbye to confidence-killing bad hair days by banishing them with our easy tips…

Say goodbye to confidence-killing bad hair days by banishing them with our easy tips…

When a bad hair day strikes, it can totally zap your confidence and leave you feeling fed up. But if your hair isn’t feeling co-operative, you don’t need to be stuck with terrible tresses all day long.

Whatever the issue, we’ve got a handy hack to sort it – keep these up your sleeve and you’ll fall in love with your locks all over again!

1. Get your beauty sleep

If you’ve got a big day ahead and know that you won’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, head off the bad hair day horror by using dry shampoo before you go to bed. It will work while you snooze and give you clean hair in the morning – with no need to sleep with wet hair!

2. Ditch the dandruff

Don’t let dandruff get you down. Achieve beautiful, flake-free hair by using Head & Shoulders Clinically Proven Solutions and never have to worry about the white stuff again. It protects from the very first wash, and contains conditioners to soothe an itchy scalp.

3. Join the pony club

Putting hair in a ponytail is a classic way to keep it out of sight and out of the way when it’s not looking its best. But as hair can thin as we age, a ponytail can feel more sad than sexy – but there are ways to perk it up.

Use the double pony trick to make hair look fuller and longer: put the top half of your hair into a ponytail first, then do the same with the lower half, directly below your higher ponytail. Splay the top ponytail out so it covers the bottom hair tie, making it look like one long, full ponytail.

4. Damage limitation

Pollution, product build up and heat styling can combine to weaken and damage hair, but the good news is that you can restore it to full health in a jiffy.

In just three minutes of intense conditioning, Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle promises to repair three months of damage, and help protect hair in the future too.

5. Make scents

Even freshly clean hair can feel a little tired sometimes. A brilliant way to perk up both hair and your mood is with the power of fragrance. Spritzing locks with scented hair mist, or even your favourite perfume, means you can carry the aroma with you all day as hair is more porous than skin so fragrance takes longer to evaporate.

Another fab way to enjoy all-day fragrance is by adding Lenor Parfum des Secrets to your laundry. There are four heavenly fragrances to choose from, and they penetrate deep into your wash so you can carry the scent with you all day.

6. Pure and simple

Getting your style just as you want it can be tricky without using products, but the downside is the inevitable product build-up which can leave your locks looking dull. Using the new Aussie Pure Locks range quickly and easily deals with the dullness, restoring a healthy glow to your hair.

7. Call in the cover ups!

Sometimes, just sometimes, when your hair is being impossible, there’s nothing else for it than a chic concealment. Pick something that suits your style, whether that’s a signature silk scarf, a hat, or even an elegant turban, and keep it on standby for those impossible days.

8. Fix those flyaways

All it takes is pulling on a polo neck for the dreaded frizz and flyaways to appear, seemingly from nowhere. Instead of doing the usual balancing act with hairspray, risking unleashing too much (gah – helmet hair!) or too little (less-than useless), try the toothbrush trick. Simply spray hairspray onto an old toothbrush, and use this to go over those pesky strands that refuse to stay in place.

9. Divide and conquer

A super easy way to instantly refresh your look is by simply switching your parting. Not only will it look subtly new and different without having to hit up the hairdresser, you could also find that it naturally looks fuller when it falls in a different way.

10. Slay those stray greys

Whether you’re only starting to notice those first few silver strands, or are accustomed to regularly colouring away those greys, you may find them an unwelcome sight. If you have dark hair, a quick temporary solution is a swipe of mascara to cover them up. Alternatively, if there are only a couple, snip them out rather than tweezing them to discourage kinky regrowth.

What’s your failsafe way to combat a bad hair day? Let us know in the comments below…

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Wash hair save nails

Julie 26/05/2018

Allways wash your hair with laytex gloves or similar product, otherwise its like scrubing the dishes with out a pair of marrigolds if for some mad reason you find your self in that extream situation! Washing hair without PROTECTION will weaken , break and slit them ! Ljx

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