Survive a rainy summer in style

Survive a rainy summer in style

It’s hard to know what to wear when summer isn't really behaving like summer – but here are five essentials you should never be without.

We all know a British summer's day can be all blue skies and sunshine or all grey skies and downpours (sometimes even on the same day!). Which is why a summer wardrobe needs wellies as much as it needs sandals – and why, even if we've enjoyed more British summers than we care to count (ahem), it's always good to revisit our capsule summer wardrobe.

The summer coat
A great mac is considered a classic for a reason and it will come out of your wardrobe more times than you can say 'drizzly day'.

As this is something that's never going to go out of fashion, you might want to splash the cash on a designer number, although the high street have plenty of great options with Zara and Gap both scoring particularly highly in the mac game this season.

Do go for something relatively lightweight and fluid. Even when it's pouring with rain in the summer, temperatures are often still high and if there's one thing worse than being damp, it's being damp and sweltering! Luckily nowadays there are some great technical fabrics around that are both waterproof and light to wear.

One of the greatest myths is that sun protection is only for days when the sun is out. In fact, UV rays can even penetrate a cloudy sky and damage your skin, making SPF an everyday essential. Olay Featherweight SPF15 is a light, multi-tasking moisturiser that delivers seven benefits in one, to fight the signs of ageing, and offers protection against UVA/UVB rays.

Okay, this isn't exactly new news but it bears repetition – layers are a crucial part of dressing for the British summer. However cool and grey it looks when you get dressed, it's very possible that you'll be sweating in your thick jumper by lunchtime. (Weather aside, the hot flushes associated with the menopause can start years earlier and continue years after your periods actually stop.)

The answer, then, is lots of lightweight layers that can be pulled off and put back on when needed – and helpfully it’s a style that’s never been more fashionable on the high-street, so it should be easy to achieve.

More umbrellas than you can imagine!
Umbrellas are easy things to lose (who remembers theirs from the umbrella stand in the restaurant when it's now bright sunshine outside?). So it pays to have a few cheapish ones –preferably bright, jolly ones to cheer up grey days – rather than one expensive version. Beware of really flimsy brollies than break with the tiniest gust of wind though – you might as well not carry one!

Rainproof footwear
Wellies and a summer dress looks great for festivals but doesn't really cut it at the office! On really wet days, the best option is to carry your work shoes in your bag and wear your wellies to commute.

On days where it's more drizzle than torrential downpour, leave the suede shoes and strappy sandals in the wardrobe and go for closed-toe shoes that can be given a quick wipe down with a tissue. Patent is particularly tolerant in this respect and rubber shoes have come a long way since the ‘jellies’ we all remember from our childhood.

What are your rainy summer must-haves? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Okay creams

Beverley 15/01/2017

These products compliment your skin with rich ness and firming lotions your skin rightly deserves

Rainy summer must have

Tracyann 04/09/2016

I always carry a light weight Mac in my handbag because a sunny start can always be interrupted with a shower ??????

Be Prepared At All Times

mirrah 31/08/2016

I always have an umbrella in my handbag, some face wipes, a pair of foldable flat shoes, enough money for a taxi home and a pouch poncho. The umbrella for sudden downpours, the face wipes for wiping off that drenched mascara streaked look,the pair of foldable flat shoes so already worn wet ones have a chance to dry out, money for a taxi home incase of torrential rain and poncho incase I can't get a taxi and have to get a bus.

Fake it till you make it

FrancescaGeorgina 22/08/2016

A tinted moisturiser or BB cream with SPF for protection. Gives your face a lovely summer colour, even though the weather isn't exactly sunning season, and protects at the same time. The right attitude and you can feel like summer, even when the heavens open, and on the off chance the sun does bless us, you'll keep that gorgeous face safe from its harm.

Rainy days and sunshine

Bevvie 22/08/2016

My light weight jacket and red wellies not forgetting some sun cream for my face as you never know when the weather will change

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