Chic styles that are great for disguising thinning hair

Chic styles that are great for disguising thinning hair

Fine hair? No problem. These glam, grown-up ideas get the most out of thinner strands.

Fine hair? No problem. These glam, grown-up ideas get the most out of thinner strands.

It’s sweet summertime and no doubt your social calendar is filling up, and if you’re anything like us, you want your hair to be just as stylish as your clothes.

The trouble is, the combination of heat, humidity and sun (and sometimes sand) can make it even harder to achieve that thick, voluminous hairdo we all love, especially if your hair is thinning.

Worry not – here are five oh-so-easy styles that help to fake fabulous fullness – but fullness starts with the right care. The Pantene Pro-V Air Light Foam will give you incredibly clean hair with virtually no weight, making beautiful, voluminous dos even easier to achieve.

Perfect for… a chic summer wedding

The style: Half-up, half-down with a (subtle) bouffant.

Why you’ll love it: This retro-inspired style adds volume where you need it the most.

Get the look:

  1. Pull the top section of your hair to the back of your head – and then push it up. Think just a little extra oomph at the crown for a chic lift rather than a sky-high bump.
  2. Secure with pins and hairspray.
Top tip: Pin in a fresh flower that complements the colour of your dress for added allure.

Perfect for… A lazy day on the beach

The style: The wrapped ponytail.

Why you’ll love it: Wrapping a few strands of hair around your ponytail adds width and gloss. Putting your hair up is also the simplest way to tackle humidity.

Get the look:

  1. Pull your hair into a ponytail and secure with a thin band.
  2. Wrap a few strands of your hair around the band to prop up your pony a little, then secure with pins.
  3. Pull down a few strands around your face for a softer summer look.
Top tip: Wear your ponytail low and team it with a wide-brimmed hat to help keep your delicate scalp (not to mention your colour) protected from the sun.  


Perfect for… A romantic al-fresco lunch

Try this: A loose low doughnut bun.

Why you’ll love it: Using a ‘hair doughnut’ (available from chemists or anywhere that sells hair accessories) is a simple way to fake a fuller bun.

Get the look:

  1. To keep this style grown-up rather than overly girly, create a low ponytail that rests at the nape of your neck.
  2. Place your hair doughnut onto your ponytail. A smaller doughnut rather than a large one is better for thin hair.
  3. Twist your hair around the doughnut and, once covered, secure with pins.
Top tip: Pull a few hairs down around your face to softly frame it for a more romantic look.

Perfect for… Revitalising your summer look

The style: Cutting in a fringe.

Why you’ll love it: A well-styled fringe tricks the eye into thinking that your whole head of hair is as thick as your fringe.

Get the look:

  1. Ask your hairdresser to cut in a long, full fringe.
  2. When blow drying your fringe, use a large round brush, blowing it out smoothly away from your forehead. That voluminous bend gives the illusion of luscious fullness.

Top tip: Nervous about going for the chop? Check out the nine questions you should ask yourself first.

Which style is your favourite for faking thicker hair? Share your tips with us in the comments section below.

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getting desperate

glamgran 30/12/2018

I am at the end of my tether with my hair at the minute and need a miracle. It is falling out in handfuls and oily within 2 days of washing. I am waiting to see GP to see if there is a medical reason for my problems but until then it is hunting down my miracle product.

Definitely buying and trying

Kiwi woman 30/07/2017

Since getting cancer 2 years ago and years of medication before that my hair has steadily gotten thinner,So anytime a new product comes on the market claiming to help I'm gonna try it.I use Pantene already but not gotten around to using this foam but after reading this article with its helpful hints I feel a "girls night in" and test this out plus the hair styles .Thanks guys.


OnlyMe1 24/07/2017

Why is it assumed that all women have long hair? I hate seeing women over 50 with "flowing locks", it ages them beyond belief, especially if dyed a totally unnatural colour or not in great condition. A nice, neat layered bob or short cut is the key to staying looking young and no dark dyes.

Photos please

Tawr 24/07/2017

It would be great to have photos of the fine hair styles please

Good ideas

hazeld15 23/07/2017

I love these ideas for thinning hair especially as I am off soon to sunnier climes. I particularly like the one for lazy days by the beach as I am expecting there to be lots of those.

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