It's not too late to change your anti-ageing routine for summer

It's not too late to change your anti-ageing routine for summer

You have a skincare routine that works for you, so why should you alter it just because the sun is shining? Let us explain…

You have a skincare routine that works for you, so why should you alter it just because the sun is shining? Let us explain...

You may have noticed that your tried-and-tested skincare routine isn’t quite cutting it. That’s because sun exposure, blocked pores and oily skin brought on by the change in weather need some special attention.

But don’t worry, it’s not too late to make some effective tweaks to your routine. Here’s what to change this month to help get your skin back to looking its best…

Everything gets lighter

Just as your clothes get lighter, so should your skincare. The heavy night creams and soothing oils that combat dry skin in winter are too much for the summer when your skin’s oil production goes into overdrive.

Don’t forego your evening bathroom ritual altogether, mind, simply switch your winter products for lighter versions. Trade face oils for nourishing serums, and heavy creams for lighter moisturisers.

Get scrubbing (but not too much)

Spending more time outside enjoying the glorious sunshine leads to sweat, exposure to more dirt and the blocked pores that come with it, so the temptation is to scrub your skin.

Although exfoliating helps clear away dead skin cells and impurities (while allowing your moisturiser to be more readily absorbed), mature skin is dryer and renews at a slower rate, so you don’t want to overdo it.

Try exfoliating once a week with a gentle homemade scrub to keep your face fresh without doing any damage. Mix together sugar, coconut oil and lemon zest for a refreshing and zingy home treatment.

Beware of the sun

You might love the look of bronzed summer skin, but you’re also wise enough to know how harmful the sun’s rays can be. In fact, exposure to both UVA and UVB is one of the principal causes of premature ageing, leading to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Fortunately, sun damage is one of the most easily avoidable causes of ageing, and it all starts with a good SPF. Olay Regenerist 3 Point Moisturiser is lightweight, non-greasy and contains an SPF30, making sure you’re protected from the ageing effects of sun damage every day.

Quench your thirst

Alongside the odd ice cream or two, what your body really needs in the heat is plenty of water. Like every organ in your body, your skin benefits from lashings of H2O. It helps replace valuable minerals and nutrients lost when you sweat, and is vital to cell rejuvenation, which prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin can soon look dehydrated and sallow if you’re dehydrated, so ensuring you sip water throughout the day will keep it looking supple.

Basic foundations

The heat will make a heavy foundation slide off, and wearing too much make-up can lead to blocked pores. Instead, switch your usual full coverage foundation to a lighter tinted moisturiser or BB cream for a more natural look. Try Olay Regenerist Complexion Corrector, which offers a light serum, SPF and foundation to even out your skin tone. It is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling able to breathe, whatever the temperature.

And when it’s time to go to the beach, forego any base at all, using just a touch of concealer if you need it (and SPF of course). See it as a holiday for your skin.

Combat redness

If you struggle with a flushed face, it’s a good idea to tackle the problem quickly, as over time continual flushing can result in permanently dilated capillaries.

Redness is caused by blood rushing to the skin’s surface, so the first line of defence is to cool the skin. A quick three-minute cold shower (no longer than this as it can strip away natural oils) or a facecloth soaked in ice water reduces redness. Keep a can of water facial mist in the fridge, too, for a quick cooling spritz on the go.

For more skincare tips and advice for your most beautiful summer ever, visit Olay.

We’d love to hear your own summer skincare tips. Please add your comments below.

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sensitive skin

lesley 07/09/2017

I have sensitive skin that burns easily so always use moisturiser with SPF factor

Season change

Deet 16/08/2017

I always change my moisturiser according to the season. My skin is less dry in the summer.


invictus 07/08/2017

Summer means switching your normal foundation to a tinted moisturiser for me anyway,would love to try out the Olay Regenerist complexion corrector Think a trip to Boots is on the cards!

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