How to get healthy, glowing summer skin

How to get healthy, glowing summer skin

Follow Victoria’s easy skincare tips and tricks to get healthy, beautiful, glowing skin during the Summer.

Staying cool and looking radiant in summer often means baring a little more skin to the elements. And while the sun on skin feels great, the damage caused by heat rash, sunburn, dryness from air conditioning and irritation from allergens in the air can ruin your relaxation. Try these simple tips to keep your skin healthy, soft and feeling good, even when the heat is on.

1. Spray a cooling mist
Facial mist sprays are beloved of A-list make-up artists, who favour splashing out on products with all kinds of soothing ingredients from green tea to rosewater. But any water spray will provide a cooling burst of refreshment and hydration. In dry heat especially, a light spritz from time to time will help to protect and revitalise your skin.

2. Be your own biggest fan
A cool breeze works wonders on a hot day and pairs well with your spritz of water. So if nature isn’t obliging with a gentle wind, you can make your own with a portable battery pow-ered fan. For a slightly more flirtatious choice, try an old-fashioned folding fan: it’s amazing how good they are at creating a breeze, as well as a sense of elegance and mystery.

3. Slap on cooling moisturiser and sunscreen
We all know that spending time in the hot sun means you need a good sunscreen. But even with good SPF cream, your skin can still dry out, causing itching and irritation. That’s why moisturisers combined with sun protection are a great idea, offering protection and revitalisation all at once. Try Olay Regenerist Moisturiser with SPF for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

4. Stay hydrated
When you’re paying all this attention to keeping your skin healthy and feeling good, don’t neglect hydrating from the inside. Keep plenty of cool water to hand – women should aim to drink 2.2 litres of fluid in total a day, and more if you’re exercising or the temperature is very high. One delicious way to get water on board and treat your skin is eating watermelon: as well as the high water content, it’s full of lycopene and vitamins that fight skin damage,

5. Take care of your clothes
Having the right fabrics and treating them well can make all the difference in soothing skin. Natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen are best for keeping your skin in great condition and preventing itchy heat rash. And the best way to keep your clothes feeling great is a supersoft, sensitive washing liquid like Fairy Non-Bio. It’s rated number one for sensitive skin, so it’s ideal when you need something soothing in summer heat.

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