6 smart ways to refresh his style after 50

6 smart ways to refresh his style after 50

Because dressing your age doesn’t have to be boring.

Because dressing your age doesn’t have to be boring.

You love that your partner is young at heart, but if his wardrobe is starting to feel a little less youthful, he may be in need of some help. Looking stylish and current after 50 doesn’t need to be hard – it just takes a tweak here and a reassessment there! Here are a few hints he could use on how to change his style and inject a bit of pep back into his wardrobe this year.

1. Fit is everything

Just as you know finding that perfect pair of jeans can transform your own wardrobe, it’s the same for men. Buying clothes that fit well will not only make him look great, but help him feel comfortable and confident too.

The problem is, as you get older, your body shape changes, as well as trends, so he may find that that fitted jeans he used to love now show up his beer belly, or the baggy ones he loved now look a bit dishevelled.

It sounds obvious – and we know he’ll resist! – but the key is to try on different brands and styles until he finds the ones that work on him – not too tight, and not too baggy! If that means ordering multiple pairs online so he can try them on in peace, then so be it – once he’s found the right ones, he can order several pairs!

Many shops also offer tailoring services to turn jeans up to the perfect length, or nip in blazer jackets.

He can also look at changing how he wears them – jeans don’t have to be casual: they can look natty with a fitted tweed blazer and a good quality T-shirt, as an alternative to slacks.

Once you’ve found the denim style that suits him, be sure to wash them with Ariel 3in1 pods – they combine the brightness of a powder, the care of liquid and the simplicity of liquitabs to deliver brilliant results every time.

2. Keep trainers for exercising

He may love his trainers, but they become increasingly tricky to wear well over 50 - especially the current trend for bright, loud styles, which can sometimes be quite ageing. Encourage him to leave those to the youth of today and reserve his trainers for the gym.

Instead, help him focus on finding his perfect smart-casual shoe – suede or leather lace-ups are a nice middle ground. Espadrilles and deck shoes are an ideal go-to for warmer summer days, while slip-on Chelsea boots and loafers are a stylish day-to-day option when the weather is cooler.

The good thing about the current trend for classic brogues is you can buy a really high-quality made-in-Britain pair and they’ll last him 20 years.

If he does insist on trainers, go for low-key classic white tennis shoes rather than a big chunky sports sneaker.

3. Casual still means smart

It can be tempting to try to look youthful with bright colours and trendy patterns. But embracing classic fashion trends and colours such as camel, navy, light grey, charcoal and forest green create a look that’s sophisticated rather than ‘try hard’. And luckily, this ‘gent’ look is right on trend.

He could try tonal dressing, where his outfit comprises clothing in the same colour range. Even when dressing casually, he should still err on the side of smart: think shirt undone with a blazer and pocket square, thin-knit crew-neck jumpers over white shirts and wool camel coats.

4. Go for quality

An advantage of age is it provides the perfect chance to stop wearing cheap, fast fashion – now is the time to invest some of that hard-earned cash in a few quality and versatile pieces that he’ll wear forever.

Core pieces can then be mixed in with a variety of outfits – try a black leather jacket, for example. It’ll elevate any standard jeans-and-T-shirt combination to a considered style statement. And a selection of high-quality fitted cotton tees in white, navy and black are wardrobe essentials.

Every woman loves a man in soft knitwear, so a few thin cashmere or merino jumpers to wear over simple white tees or shirts will also serve him well. And he shouldn’t neglect the accessories: a stylish pair of sunglasses and a good watch are vital for polishing off an outfit.

He doesn’t need a wardrobe packed with designer fashion, but investing a few key items help him look even more dashing than he already is.

5. Don’t forget the grooming

That being said, all the cashmere jumpers in the world aren’t going to help if he’s sporting a scruffy beard and an unmaintained hairstyle. Get him to the barbers! Encourage him to keep his hair clean and styled, beard trimmed and to use hair products and beard oil that will help keep every follicle in check.

The trend for bearded silver foxes is all over the place at the moment – even on the catwalks – so there should be plenty of inspiration for him in the men’s magazines, and the geeky gadgetry that goes along with it will appeal to his sense of masculinity.

6. Finding his own style

All this talk of classics and sophisticated style doesn’t mean he has to lose his own character. It’s simply a case of playing around within the parameters of what suits him.

If he wears a suit, perhaps he could update the style this winter with a narrower shoulder and less boxy cut, or even an unlined jacket. Padded jackets are an item of outerwear all men will be coveting this winter, and they’re as practical as they are stylish. Fashion is all about having fun anyway, so as long as his personality is able to shine through, he’ll always look great.

Who do you think is a good example of a well-dressed man? Let us know in the comments below...

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