Seven sandal styles for summer

Seven sandal styles for summer

Feel the breeze with easygoing and glamorous sandals. Take a look at our guide to trends for this summer’s must-have shoe

When the weather turns warmer and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to let out a sign of relief and let in some air. What better way than giving your feet a pamper and polish, and putting them in some swish new sandals? Let’s take a look at this summer’s sandal trends and pick out your perfect new pair.

1. Chunky sandals:
After seasons of towering heels, chunky shapes are looking strikingly fresh. Take advantage of this swing in the fashion pendulum and enjoy easy-going block heels. Suede and boho patterns will ensure your comfy sandals look right on trend.

2. Gladiator sandals:
These dramatic, ultra-strappy designs will continue to dominate the arena this season. Choose between ankle-high shapes and knee-high looks for the glamazons among you. Both casual flats and alluring heels will be in demand.

3. Pure white:
Nothing looks fresher and gets you into a summer mood faster than a clean, bright white shoe. This summer, look out not just for pure white uppers, but bright chunky soles in sporty styles.

4. Rainbow sandals:
That’s right, it’s all or nothing. If a sleek minimal look isn’t your style, dazzling multicolour designs are the alternative. Look out for multicoloured twisted straps and rainbow prints for a playfully bohemian look.

5. Statement heels:
If you’ve got a flamboyant, extrovert streak, this summer is the time to let it loose. Dramatic sculptural designs and elaborately embellished heels are set to turn heads this year. Strap on a pair and hit the town for those long summer nights.

6. Pointed-toe heels:
Try this sleek sophisticated style for an office-ready look that still keeps you cool when the heat is on. Complement the look with tailored separates, such as slim-fit trousers or a pencil skirt, under flowing top.

7. Ballet-inspired ankle ribbons:
This clever variation on the ankle-strap adds an extra touch of feminine flair. Ribbons are a comfortable and alluring way to accentuate the ankle and calves.

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stormangel 25/06/2016

My Nan always swore by rubbing soap inside new shoes if they were rubbing your feet! I can't confirm if this works lol... but still love hearing some of the old fashioned methods!


sandy 17/06/2016

I love sandals, let your feet breathe and look fashionable also. New sandals often rub on side of toes and top feet. I've found Compeed clear plasters excellent though I stick them to inside of sandal at offending spots and they last much longer than on feet.

Aldo heel grips

The cats mother 28/05/2016

I bought some soft grey heel grips from aldo and cut them into pieces to stick in my sandals. I've now had them a couple of years and haven't had blisters since and the bits are still stuck in there

Softening leather

Trewsers 08/05/2016

My nan once said a bone handled knife rubbed in the backs of shoes softened them. I tried it and it does help. Not sure if that works on sandals tho.


melsie 06/05/2016

Has anyone got a tried and trusted solution to blistered heels caused by new sandals. I can cope with the blisters, but how do I soften the hard leather so that it doesn't happen again? All ideas would be gratefully received.

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