Elegant party dressing: The 7 secrets every woman should know

Elegant party dressing: The 7 secrets every woman should know

Here are 7 fashion tips for every women who wants to looks elegant when dressing for a party. Our fashion tips are sure to help guide your outfit ideas.

With this chic checklist, you can be confident you’ll look amazing at any party, whatever the dress code.

1. Say yes to party metallics

Choose a dash of sparkle rather than head-to-toe sequins, as tempting as the latter can appear in shops. Metallic fabrics or faded paillettes are much more appropriate – and won’t see you competing with the Christmas tree for attention.

2. Trust the little black dress…

There’s a reason why the ‘LBD’ – or a navy one, if it suits your skin tone better – is so highly revered. Who’d want to be without a failsafe option guaranteed to make you feel instantly polished and ready for anything every time you slip it on? You can mix it up with different accessories, too. Invest in a well-cut style that you can wash at home and you’ll never find yourself in an “I’ve got nothing to wear” party predicament again.

3. Something silky

Whatever the dry-cleaning bills that ensue, you will never regret owning at least one pure silk item. For example, a pussy-bow blouse in a vivid hue takes a pair of black trousers and heels to a new level of elegant party dressing. Silk skirts are also much finer and more forgiving than polyester versions.

4. Fabulous shoes

Whether your fetish is for metallic sandals, black suede court shoes or jewel-encrusted flats, every woman deserves a pair of happy feet – especially at a party! Comfort is paramount, so take your time when buying new shoes and try them out at home first to determine how long you can last in them. Once you’ve found your golden pair, keep them in good condition with regular maintenance trips to the cobbler.

5. Get a perfect fit

You don't need to have custom-made clothes to ensure a perfect fit - a visit to a seamstress can make all the difference. A 2cm tweak to the shoulders of a blazer or dress can take clothes from off-the-peg to fitting like a glove. Always Discreet Liners make all the difference too, giving you the flexibility to wear what you please.

6. Invest in a covetable coat

Outerwear is often the forgotten component of party dressing, yet it can make a big difference. A jewel-toned coat or embellished cover-up, reserved for the most special of occasions, immediately elevates an outfit. Opt for a classic cut and you’ll be grateful of the investment. To save on your dry-cleaning bill, spritz the coat with Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray before each wear.

7. Don’t neglect accessories

Rather than buying a new outfit for each occasion, mix up wardrobe staples with accessories. Inexpensive costume jewellery is a great way of breathing new life into clothes you’ve worn before; play around with pairing an oversized necklace with a high-neck top, or teaming opulent earrings with a buttoned-up cardigan.

What’s your go-to party outfit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Only one secret

Gothrockchick 30/12/2018

Wear what makes you feel good. These rules belong in the 1950's with all the other pieces of advice that repress women by creating an expectation we don't have to fulfil.

20 years


I have had a little black dress that I have worn and washed for over 20years now. I always dry it indoors to prevent fade. Other outfits have come and gone but this one stays. Nobody seems to notice how often I have worn it. The accessories do the trick.

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