Roll back the years with long, luscious locks

Roll back the years with long, luscious locks

Growing older doesn’t have to mean going shorter. With the right treatment, you can reclaim the long locks of your youth with ease.

Growing older doesn’t have to mean going shorter. With the right treatment, you can reclaim the long locks of your youth with ease.

They say 50 is the new 30 and, for some women, it really is when they feel their best. You want to look your best, too, but many women often feel like their hair lets them down and yearn for the thick, glossy, tumbling manes of their younger years.

Our hair’s texture and condition can deteriorate over time, making it harder to grow longer locks. However, the good news is Pantene has launched a new formula that reads and responds to different levels of damage along the length of the hair, helping it to grow strong and long. This means your hair can still be your crowning glory, no matter how old you are.

Put to the test

To test the new formula, Pantene conducted a four-month study with 10 women over 50. Each woman committed to switching to Pantene Shampoo and Smart Pro-V Conditioner, having never used it before, and agreed to skip their regular trims.

For ends as healthy looking as the roots, Pantene’s Principal Scientist, Dr Jeni Thomas, recommended they start with the shampoo and then apply Pantene Smart Pro-V Conditioner along the full length of the hair.

So does it work?

Carol Ironside, 60, from Surrey, admitted that having long hair made her feel fabulous and sexy, and she didn’t want to cut her hair short in a bid to conform to old-fashioned rules of age appropriateness.

She embarked on this journey hoping to reinvent her look for the years of “fun and excitement” to come after retirement.

After four months of using Pantene Pro-V, Carol’s hair was longer, shiny and touchably soft. She agreed she could skip her usual trims as her hair was visibly healthy from root to tip.

Carol said her transformation has made her feel like “a fitter, better me”, ready to take on anything this new stage in her life may bring.

To watch Carol’s journey, check out the video here.


Have you tried Pantene’s new Smart Pro-V Conditioner? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or on out tried and tested page

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Dry Hair

tommo7 18/08/2017

I would love to be able to try this. My hair is thick, dyed and dry. This products sounds just what I need!

new Smart Pro V conditioner

Deanna 22/04/2017

I found the new Smart Pro V on.a website but can't find any store who stock it.

Miracle growth

Purpleprincess44 20/04/2017

Do,these products also make your hair grow 3 - 4 ins in 4 months?

Wishful Thinking

Alison 12/04/2017

I'd love to grow my hair longer, but it just doesn't have the texture, bounce and shine it did when I was younger. I'm a regular user of Pantene Smooth 'n Sleek to help control frizz and follow up with the conditioner. I have just started letting my hair air dry to cut down on the drying effects of heat styling (channeling my inner French woman), so I'm hoping that will make a difference. The new rule is shampoo less, condition more and keep the heat to a minimum.

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