Seven ways to rekindle the love for your old clothes

Seven ways to rekindle the love for your old clothes

Is your once-favourite dress now gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe? Try upcycling it to reignite that sparkle

Is your once-favourite dress now gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe? Try upcycling it to reignite that sparkle

It’s all-too easy to go from falling in love with a new clothing item, and wearing it at every opportunity you get, to forgetting it even exists as it gets relegated behind newer items in your wardrobe.

But it seems a shame to neglect what was once your favourite piece, so why not look at ways to upcycle it?

With just one or two tweaks you could give a garment a whole new lease of life. Here are a few suggestions to try…

Change the buttons

If your old garment has buttons, simply swapping them for new ones can give the whole item a new look.

You can buy buttons from most haberdasheries. Ensure they’re big enough to sit securely in the buttonholes – you can afford for them to be a little too big as you can widen the buttonholes with ease. Simply cut carefully and sew around the edges to prevent fraying.

For a polished look, try pearl buttons, or ones in gold or silver; brighten up a black blouse with bright cuff buttons; or for a quirky twist, use a mix of differently designed buttons – just stick to the same size and a similar colour.

Give it a wash

Okay bear with us. Of course if your garment has been stuck at the back of your wardrobe for months – or even years – you’re going to want to give it a wash. But when you do, be sure to use Ariel 3in1 Pods.

Not only does Ariel 3in1 clean clothes, but it restores brightness and colour, so it will help your clothes look like new.

See our article, Four laundry mistakes you didn’t know you were making, for more tips.

Add new accessories

If you haven’t worn your item for a while, chances are you’ve bought some new accessories, so why not try it on and have a mini fashion show? Experiment with different necklaces, belts, bottoms, tops, tights and so on to see what goes with it.

Something as simple as wearing a belt to cinch in the waist of a dress can totally transform it.

For more style tips, see articles by our Fashion & Beauty Editor, Tamsin.

Dye it

If your item of choice is white – or at least used to be ¬– you could dye it a new, vibrant colour.

You can use a shop-bought chemical dye, or even make a natural dye using fruit, veggies, plants and spices. Click here for steps on how to do this.

You could also do this to revive faded items, although be sure to use a pre-dye first to ensure an even colour.

Have it altered

Tailors aren’t just about making things fit. They can create a new neckline in a dress or top, add a zipper, remove pleats, tighten sleeves and straps, add a hook to stop a blouse from gaping and more.

And, hey, while you’re there, they may as well do a nip and tuck to make it fit you perfectly, too.

And if all else fails…

Hold a swishing party. No, that’s not as dodgy as it sounds – it’s an opportunity for you and your friends to swap clothes you no longer want.

It’s great inspiration to sort out your wardrobe and refresh it with some new pieces without spending a penny.

For tips on how to revive your whole wardrobe in six easy steps, see our article How to breathe life into your new wardrobe.

How do you keep your favourite items of clothing feeling fresh? Share your style secrets in the comments section below.

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Anneka 03/05/2017

Great advice and good ideas. Great way to save money and get into a new hobby.

The fun of upcycling

Benjiebev 18/04/2017

After reading about the various ways you can upcycle clothes I will definitely give it a go. Bright accessories can completely change an outfit but had never thought about changing the buttons.

brill idea


never thought about changing buttons for a brilliant new look wil lbe doing this

Revitalise your fav clothes

Vanilla 18/04/2017

I put my clothes that I no longer wear in bags in the attic. When I bring one down my daughter comes around and you will be surprized on the amount she adores with the odd alteration. Being brought up from the save it if you can age group I'm the one who makes the odd small changes. I am the same size now as I was when I was in my early 20's and I miss many of my "old" clothes. If only, me and Ariel would have a ball.

Smells so good

Sarah 17/04/2017

After a wash with a couple of Ariel 3 in 1 pods it smells as good as new Just a few added accessories, and I am ready...easy peasy phew!

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