Going for the chop? Nine things to ask yourself first

Going for the chop? Nine things to ask yourself first

Discover our need-to-know information and the checklist to consider before cutting your hair short.

Are you in the mood for a big hair change? Great! Just consult our essential checklist before booking that salon appointment

As we age, our hair can thin and the texture can change. A common solution to this is to cut your hair into a shorter style, to give it more shape and bounce.

However, this isn’t a fix-all solution, and it’s important to figure out what style would suit you if you do go for the chop, as the wrong ’do can be ageing.

Before braving the scissors, take these nine points into consideration…

1. Never chop on a whim

Going from long hair to short packs a huge emotional punch. It can make you feel liberated, confident and years younger. Or leave you sobbing with regret and hiding under your duvet. Do your homework and think it through.

2. Do you love to experiment with your hair?

Are you forever playing around with ponytails, buns and up-dos? Or do you feel self-conscious when your hair’s tied back? If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, then short hair is probably not for you.

3. There’s a short hairstyle for every face

Don’t get bogged down with whether or not you have the right face shape for short hair: there’s a cut for everyone. Tell your stylist what you love and don’t love about your looks so they can choose a cut that shows off your cheekbones or softens your pointy jaw.

4. Think texture

Expect more volume when you go short because gravity has a less of a pull on your hair. If you’ve got fine, lank locks, going short can give you the proper ‘do’ you’ve always dreamed of. Not so much if you have springy, rebellious hair.

If you do go for the cut, give your crop some TLC by using Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner regularly. The essential scalp and hair benefits will keep your new short style looking great.

5. Consider a fringe

Shorter, choppy dual-length bobs with a fringe offer an instant youthful up-lift – and the perfect disguise for forehead wrinkles!

6. Short hair loves accessories

Are you the proud owner of pretty ear piercings? A pixie cut that frames the ears is great if you love statement jewellery.

7. Timing is everything

Never go for the chop when you’re in the middle of an emotional trauma like a break-up or bereavement: it’s bound to cloud your judgement. Likewise, just before a family wedding or big photo occasion. It could be a decision you live to regret.

8. Bring pictures to the hair salon

On the big day, don’t tell your hairdresser what you want, show them. Use Pinterest or Google and bring as many images as you can of styles you love.

9. Have your hair cut in stages

If you’re still nervous, ask your stylist to get you there over a few appointments. Going shorter in stages is a far less scary proposition if you are keen but still nervous. And, remember, hair will always grow back!

Are you rocking a new short ’do? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Hair length can be a comfort

Sarah 30/11/2018

I’ve been so undecided about cutting my hair. I am 53 and had the same style for around 15 year but as u grow older it’s like a comfort blanket. My daughter says go for it - have a blunt cut into your shoulders it will make u look younger but I just don’t know if I’m ready for such a huge step.

Multi colour

YVONNE 25/05/2017

I have always had my hair died multi colours, it ether make people smile or will give them something to talk about. Think about what you like and not what you think you should do at the age you are.

Cut I have waited for

Libby 04/12/2016

I had my stylist for over 30 years and recently asked for a layered bob and took a picture in. still she cut it the way she had always cut it, with a blunt cut I asked for pointed cut......then one day she called in sick and I had to have another stylist in the salon....what a difference..... I explained what I would like showed her the picture, I got what I wanted!!!! people have said it suits my face I look years younger etc.......I now go to the new stylist and have never looked back....

Could not agree with 1 more

wolfie 29/11/2016

I really couldn't agree with the 1st suggestion more. I myself had really long hair all my life, but once (due to bullying at secondary school) got it cut very short in to a bob. I hated it and ever since have been trying to grow it long again and have never been to a hairdresser since. I cut it myself at home and although it's long again now, it'll never grow back to the length it was.

new look


at the age of 59 i was persuaded last week to have a new hairstyle. i would rather go to the dentist than a hairdresser but i finally took the plunge so after years of "ill just have a trim" i had {like jessica} a concave bob. well!! what a difference.i should have done it years ago, so ladies if you are dithering just go for it, if i can then anyone can,

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