Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Designers are making pink a stylish, grown-up colour once again. Here’s how to get the look

Pink isn’t just for little girls and bridesmaids anymore. From palest blush to deep fuchsia, pink has had a fashion makeover to convert even the most hardened sceptics. New-look pieces in dusky tones are all about a contemporary streamlined look. The trick is to balance the romance of the colour with the rest of your style. Follow these tips to find out how.

1. Choose the right shade
Pink covers a huge gamut of tones, from delicate blush to vivid bubblegum hues, and they each make a very different impression. For officewear or just a more sophisticated look, lean towards more muted shades. Dusty rose and cherry blossom are good bets for more subtle tones. For bolder shades without the overly youthful connotations of a hot pink, try bright coral and pink-infused berry hues.

2. Keep it sleek
The key to nailing the pink trend while looking both contemporary and grown-up is to avoid excessive detail. Focus on streamlined silhouettes, with simple, fitted shapes that create a chic, urbane impression. Avoid voluminous cuts, frills, bows or appliqué in favour of sleek solid colours. Combine with black pieces for a professional look.

3. Toughen up the look
There’s no more feminine colour and it romantic look is part of the appeal. But for a more balanced outfit, try adding elements of sharp, masculine influenced tailoring or rebellious leather. A fitted blazer or tailored trousers can instantly tone down a pink palette and prevent it from seeming too girlish. Adding a leather skirt or jacket to a pink ensemble can create a perfect blend of powerful and delicate styles.

4. Use as an accent colour
If you’re not ready for bold swathes of pink in your ensembles, consider using accessories to add it as an accent colour. A pink scarf can add a shot of colour to a low-key outfit, and pink shoes or bags can bring a touch of flair. Balance is key: try styling your hair with a sleek ponytail or wearing in straight with pink looks to avoid an overdose of frills.

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Pink patent loafers

Aisling 24/02/2018

Hi in the supplement with Good Housekeeping their is pink patent loafers where are they from Thanks

Pink in you 50s

Kaye Jay 20/10/2016

I did not like pink till I became 50 now I find it a versatile colour and great with jeans and leggings experiment and feel good

In the Pink

Pinkshoes 16/08/2016

This year I have bought a few clothes items in Rose pink and had many conplements

always pink

karen 10/05/2016

Pink is my favourite colour and I have a good selection of items and various shades if I could wear it everyday I would

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