The perfect jeans for any figure

The perfect jeans for any figure

Finding jeans that fit just right is a complex art, but start with our guide to the best styles for your body shape and you’ll track down that ideal pair.

Best for… boyish shapes
Skinny: make the most of your slim figure with slim-fitting skinny jeans with a low-rise that complements your flat stomach. A tapered cut will also help to emphasise your hips, creating a more feminine shape. Rear pocket detailing such as zips can add extra definition to your look.

Best for… apple shapes
Bootcut: a slim leg with a touch of flare at the hem creates a well-balanced silhouette. That really works for apple shapes, who are fuller round the middle with relatively smaller hips. Try bootcut styles in dark washes for an elegant, streamlined look.

Best for… pear-shapes.
Straight-leg: if you’re wider at the hips with a smaller upper body, look out for high-rise straight-leg jeans. They can subtly even out and elongate your shape. Picking a style with low, small back pockets flatters a curvy rear.

Best for… tall shapes
Cropped: a tall frame looks great in ankle-length jeans with a low or mid-rise, balancing out those long legs – and showing off your shoes. Shading on the thighs adds extra shape and dimension, useful when you’ve got so much more leg to look at!

Good for every shape
Boyfriend jean: this laid-back, slouchy style is forgiving enough to work for most of us. But don’t completely forget about fit: you don’t want to seem like you’re swamped in material. The looser-fit and lower waistband also makes these a great choice for anyone with a sensitive bladder – it avoids adding uncomfortable pressure.

TIP: Wearing Always Discreet makes living with a sensitive bladder no big deal. So you won’t have to worry about your jeans’ waistband, and you can pick the perfect style for your body shape.

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Sandz 30/01/2018

I've found the only Jean for me has a stretch in it , also a elastic waist & slim fitting...of course all my tops need to be just over the bottom...



I always have problems with jeans firstly I can never get a petite size and then they are OK round my waist but my bottom is always too big I don't think you can win you have to be a thin stick model I'm a size 12 and 5' drives me mad I think I will just give in and not bother about wearing them

ill fitting jeans

sandra210 09/10/2016

every time i buy jeans they hang round my hips or drag on floar ,would just for once buy jeans that fit nice to your waist and show off figure ,always seem to have a muffin top .unless your a size 8 and super slim theres no hope, my size is a 10 ,i bet it was a man who designed these type of jeans because the average size is not a 8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect fit

Juliette 1964 13/09/2016

I struggle with perfect fit Jean s as I have big calf's . Hope fully these will work

Good but

lorrie 24/08/2016

Useful info but I find buying jeans a nightmare as I need a petite size and there seems to be a very limited number of retailers that have them.

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