Mother’s Day: then versus now

Mother’s Day: then versus now

This special day that’s all about you (well, and all the other mums in the UK) has probably changed over the years. Here, we reminisce as well as enjoy what we have now…

The special day

Then: you’d be woken up by little voices wishing you a “happy Mother’s Day, Mummy”, and you’d sit up ready for hugs and to enjoy your specially made breakfast in bed. Sure the toast was burnt, the eggs were cold and the tea was more like a cup of warm milk, but it was the best breakfast you’d have all year.

Now: you meet your grown-up children for a slap-up Sunday roast – if you’re lucky enough to have raised a good cook or two, they’ll treat you to one at home. And of course, if your not-so-little ones have little ones of their own, you will all celebrate together. Surrounded by your loved ones, big and small, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

The card

Then: an adorable family portrait scribbled in crayon onto a folded piece of card. Your hair was usually as wild as a bird’s nest, Dad was bigger than the house, and your little ones had hands the size of saucers. But stood in a row in your front garden, you all had smiles as bright as the big sun above you, and you wiped away a tear as you read the sweet message of love inside.

Now: it’s a shop-bought card, but the sentiment is still there. After all these years, your kids still know just what to write to set you off and it’ll take pride of place on the mantelpiece for at least a month.

The gift

Then: a beautiful bunch of flowers and your favourite chocolates bought with their pocket money (with a little extra help from Dad). Also, if you were lucky, some sort of crepe paper/papier-mâché/fuzzy-felt creation that you would treasure forever, even if you could never quite figure out what it was.

Now: as lovely as the homemade gifts were, the great thing about having grown-up kids is that now you can ask for what you really want for Mother’s Day.

And – while if you’d received a pot of anti-ageing cream when your kids were young you probably would have cried for different reasons – now you’re over 50, you love receiving a little helping hand when it comes to nourishing and strengthening your sensitive, mature skin.

Olay’s new Vitality range is designed specifically for post-menopausal skin, which can experience a reduction in surface skin cell turnover, collagen, sebum and skin thickness, while skin sensitivity may also have increased.

So the new range contains key ingredients – including vitamin B5, B3 and green tea – which work together to help increase surface cell renewal and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, leaving skin looking radiant and nourished.

The range includes Olay Vitality Face and Décolletage Cream with SPF 15, Olay Vitality Renewal Night Mask, and Olay Vitality Radiance Day Cream.

Why not ask for all three this Mother’s Day? After all, you deserve it…

How are you spending this Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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No special day

Bevkay 06/03/2018

As I am not a mother or have a mother or mother in law,it will be an ordinary Sunday. However I will be at friends in the evening for a meal and murder mystery fun.

Mothers day


I am going to relax, thankfully I know that I am loved everyday, so just need to relax & some me time on this special day!

mothers day

Barbara 06/03/2018

Please lets try to remember what the day is about,Its the celebration of being a mother so a inexpensive gift that children can give and understand the meaning of what it represents.Do not forget the best gift is a cuddle and love.

mothers day

Robert 06/03/2018

I am working as a chef so i will be making many mothers happy as I cook with my kitchen team around 200 lunches

Mothers day


I am going to my daughters and she is going to make me a nice beef roast dinner for a change usually its me so will make a nice change for once ha ha and spend some lovely family time together with my gorgeous grandchildren,

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