Look good in mellow yellow

Look good in mellow yellow

From sunny floral prints and bold, chic jackets, discover our guide to wearing this season’s must-have colour.

It’s the colour of the sun and sand, so no wonder yellow is the essential hue of the sum-mer. This joyful shade is associated with laughter, optimism and spontaneity, so it’s the perfect way to get yourself into a playful holiday mood.

Yellow can be such a striking colour that you’ll often want to pair it with more gentle tones. Look as fresh as a daisy in cool white cotton with accents of yellow. Try layering a yellow cardigan over a white dress.

Blue is another perfect partner: think of a warm sun in an azure sky. Try a faded chambray shirt with a bold yellow skirt. Or get on trend with the simplest possible look: a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. A tailored yellow jacket over blue jeans can turn an effortless outfit into an eye-catching, put-together look.

A yellow dress can make stunning impression, but its bold colour only needs simple accompani-ments. Highlight the warm, sunshine tones with brown leather and gold accessories. It’s a great way to show off that holiday tan too!

If an all-out yellow outfit feels a little too much, why not go for a summery print incorporating the colour? Beautiful floral prints abound with yellow tones: pick one with a familiar favourite hue as a base colour to ease yourself gently into the bright, sunny look.

For those of you who are shy of bright colours and aren’t feeling ready for a standout yellow outfit, why not try yellow shoes to add a touch of fun without overwhelming your style. A bright yellow bag, a colourful silk scarf or a chunky necklace can have the same effect, getting you on trend with-out leaving your comfort zone.

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For me

Claire jarred 16/08/2016

Fabulous choices for a 60year old lady who feels more like 40 a and always interested in new fashion and beauty products

Fantastic choice

Claire jarred 16/08/2016

Fabulous choices for an older but not given up lady

Love the colour

glowworm 14/05/2016

Yellow is a great colour, but I have never been able to wear it. This is because as well as being very pale, I also have naturally blonde hair. Any suggestions as to how I might be able to wear it without looking washed out, gratefully received.

Yellow rules

Trewsers 08/05/2016

You can't beat a dash of yellow for jollying up your outfit or life! I swear by positive colours and yellow to me is one such.

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