How to keep your clothes looking new

How to keep your clothes looking new

You’ve been doing laundry your whole adult life – what’s left to learn, right? Well you could be surprised…

You’ve been doing laundry your whole adult life – what’s left to learn, right? Well you could be surprised…

Washing your clothes is, of course, a necessity, but every time you wash a garment, you risk it fading, bobbling, unravelling or shrinking. Even if you manage to avoid this, over multiple washes the item will simply start to look old and worn.

There are a number of ways, though, that you can prolong the life of your clothes. While you’ll probably already know some of these, you may not know them all, and those couple of changes could make all the difference.

Next time you do a wash – particularly if you’re washing something you’ve just bought – try mentally checking off this list to help keep your clothes looking like new.

1. Treat stains right away

Clothes are made for living in, so if you dribble coffee down your white shirt or get mud splodges up the back of your new maxi-skirt, it’s not the end of the world.

If you’re not at home just dilute the stain by dabbing it gently with water to stop it from setting. Don’t be tempted to dry it under heat, as this will bond the stain to the fabric.

Then as soon as you can, treat the stain directly by wetting it, then turning the garment inside out and applying some liquid detergent, such as Ariel Washing Liquid, to the back of the stain, so it pushes the stain out of the fabric. Leave to dry on a clean piece of kitchen towel and wash as normal.

2. Follow care label instructions

It’s tempting to bung all your garments into the same wash at the same setting, but it’s important to make a note of laundry labels if you want to keep your clothes looking new.

Different materials wash better at different temperatures, some can’t be tumble-dried and others need hand-washing. Of course you can’t do 10 different washes, but be sure to follow the care guidelines of your favourite, new items to keep them looking their best.

3. Wash with Ariel 3in1 tabs

We can trust by now that most detergents can clean our clothes sufficiently, but Ariel 3in1 Pods go a step further by brightening your whites and restoring colours. From the first wash, they keep your clothes looking like new.

Simply pop a pod in the bottom of the drum before loading in your laundry, choose your setting, and you’re on your way to a superior clean.

4. Wash with a cool cycle

Wash at a maximum of 30°. Cooler washes are not only better for the environment and more economical, but they’re gentler on fibres and colours, too. Even if a garment label specifies a hot wash, washing it cold won’t do any harm (whereas running a cool-wash item on hot, will). Save your hot washes for bedding and towels.

5. Wash items inside out

The important bit of your garment is the outside, so turning it inside out will help protect it and prevent the colours running and fading.

6. Zip it up

Zips and buttons can get caught during a wash, causing snags on other garments, or damage to the zip or button itself. To prevent this, zip and button up items before putting them through the wash.

7. Use a laundry bag for your delicates

For anything you’re particularly worried about getting damaged, play it safe and wash it in a mesh laundry bag. This protects it from friction and getting snagged on other items.

You could also do it the other way and wash items that have things likely to snag on other garments – such as the hooks on your bras – in a laundry bag to keep them away from your other garments.

8. Air-dry clothes when possible

As previously mentioned, heat can damage your clothes, so tumble dryers – however much you love putting your face in your warm-from-the-dryer laundry – are not good for your garments.

When it’s sunny outside, take the opportunity to dry your laundry naturally, or if it’s raining hang your garments out on a clotheshorse and leave in a warm, well-ventilated room.

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What are your trusted tips for laundry day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Be kind

thomasinamcd 20/08/2018

Act swiftly on spills, heed the washing instructions, use cooler water where possible. Be kind to your clothes!


Deborah s 19/05/2017

I've always used daz washing powder my clothes always come out perfectly clean.


Emma 04/04/2017

What about bras the wire comes out when I put them In the machine how can I stop that from happening


Stephanie 22/03/2017

Most of the time I remember to wash certain things inside now I will be

Washing clothes

Wendy 18/02/2017

Hardly ever wash clothes inside out, after reading this I will be. Also never thought of doing buttons and zips up to prevent damage.

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