Wearing a bikini no matter what your age? Here’s how

Wearing a bikini no matter what your age? Here’s how

You’re never too old to look how you want on the beach, it’s just a case of working your style to best effect, says Tamsin Blanchard

Bikini-ready. Now there’s a phrase to make your heart beat faster. At what point precisely do you sign yourself off as ‘bikini ready?’
If you’re over the age of 25, I might be tempted to say never – I find that a one-piece is so much less er, exposing. I generally like my body to be contained inside close fitting elastic. But don’t let me put you off.

Embracing the bikini at any age

I know (unlike me) you’ve been working hard at those sit-ups and the yoga is really starting to pay off. A few extra exercise sessions will work wonders.
You’ve perfected your fake tan and stocked up on a good SPF. You look great. And besides, that holiday has cost you a fortune.
If you can’t add to it and invest in a little light bikini retail therapy, what’s the point?

You wear where you are

Holidays are really important when it comes to fashion – they have a whole season devoted to them. It’s called ‘resort’, and it’s an opportunity for some pure pampering and self-indulgence.

  • The hot look – Last summer, ‘the’ bikini de jour was all over Instagram courtesy of the Australian company, Triangl. You know the one, brightly coloured graphic blocks of neoprene outlined in black.
  • The retro look – If you’re anything like me, you might prefer something a little more retro, more 50s pin-up. The sort of thing Marilyn Monroe cavorted around the sands of Santa Monica in – high waist knickers and cantilevered bra. Eyeliner and lipstick are optional.
  • The ’70s look – I’m less into the crochet treatment when I go nostalgic, but there are lots of them in the shops right now, too.

The right bikini shape and shade

It’s important to get the fit, shape and colour of your bikini right.
Buying online allows you to try on swimwear in the privacy of your own home without the indignity of bright lights and a fitting room mirror giving you more information than you wanted.
However, it’s worth noting that many department stores offer useful appointments where you can get advice on fit, if you’d like some objective input.

  • Cut – Go for something that makes you look amazing but that you also feel comfortable in without having to have a full body wax.
  • Shape – It's all about knowing your own body shape. If you’re enviably curvy, you can try out a balconette bra, just as long as there’s under wires for support. If you are more straight up-and-down athletic, you can get away with something a little more skimpy and stringy, maybe even a bit of a frill or gathering to soften your shape. And if you are a perfect pear, go for boy shorts in a delicate print and have fun with a halter neck top.
  • Colour – Black is always flattering, and glamorous. But those sunshiny shades of turquoise, sky blue, coral pinks, as well as psychedelic paisleys and tropical florals are tempting too. Especially when you have a tan.

And don’t forget the beach cover-up

I like to think of a bikini more as a foundation for all manner of wraps, sarongs, kikoys, beach dresses, smocks and kaftans (not to mention the sandals, beach bags, hats, sunglasses, and jewellery that are essential holiday packing).
Oh yes, beach cover-ups to waft about in like some bohemian mermaid drifted in from a tropical island… Bring them on!

Top tip

It’s a good idea to buy a bikini top and separate knickers (makes much more sense in terms of fit, too).
Once you’ve got the bikini right, you can start looking for the perfect cover up and the coolest pair of shades. And then you will be truly bikini ready.

Happy holidays.

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I wear both

audnay 22/07/2016

I wear both, I wear a bikini on the beach, and I have a swimming costume, I use a sarong or kimono if we are walking about. I usually wear a bikini on the beach to sunbathe. I would never walk up in the main street or anything with just a bikini top on with shorts or something, I have to cover up a bit. so its usually a Tee shirt for out and about or a nice cool cotton dress.. I think its personal choice, and who cares??? no one!!!!!


izzyl 17/07/2016

After reading some of the positive comments I think we older ladies should wear bikinis if we want i'm 63 and thought I was past it but, last year my daughter aged 22 made me get into a bikini she said mum who cares do what you want look around there are all shapes of woman and we should be proud we are alive, so get your bikinis on ladies


weena7 30/06/2016

you know what they say if you got it flaunt it no matter what age you are wear a bikini


sarahl038 30/06/2016

Well I say wear whatever you feel comfortable in,whether you are over weight or not......dont matter if you wear a Bikini or a swimsuit,if you dare to bare...go for it :)


OnlyMe1 30/06/2016

No, no, no, no, no! I absolutely hate seeing women with rolls of fat or wrinkled skin parading themselves around in a bikini. Have a little self respect and wear something appropriate, please. I wouldn't dream of wearing a bikini; I know that at 56 and a size 16, with more than one spare tyre, I would look ridiculous in one and wouldn't want to be "that" woman the others nudge one another about. There is more to life than getting a tan whilst on holiday.

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