How to keep your skin young

How to keep your skin young

Seven easy tips for fresh, younger looking skin

It’s something of an irony that just as we start getting really comfortable in our metaphorical skin, our real skin is starting to age! Whilst nothing can turn back the clock, there are ways to keep your complexion looking bright and youthful.

Be sun-savvy
It’s not new news that wearing SPF, even in winter, is an everyday must, but it bears repetition. Dermatologists are united that this is an absolute golden rule, whatever your skin tone.

You are what you eat…
Your diet should be rich in fruit, vegetables, and oily fish like salmon and mackerel – a lot easier to achieve when fussy children have left home and you have a bit more time to cook. Oh, and go easy on the refined sugar too.

And what you drink
Two litres of water a day will flush out toxins and keep your skin plumped-up and hydrated. There’s nothing wrong – and indeed a lot right! – with the occasional glass of wine, but too much alcohol isn’t good for your skin or your health.

Use great products
The Olay Regenerist range is specially developed for older skin and has had rave reviews from the beauty press. Expect reenergised, firmer-looking skin and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (er, yes please!).

Get your beauty sleep
Turns out that beauty sleep isn’t a myth after all. Make sure you get enough rest and your skin will show the benefits.

Minimise stress
Okay, so this one’s not always easy, but it’s worth bearing in mind that when we get stressed, our skin suffers as well as our mood. All the more reason to make time for that yoga class! Which brings us neatly to…

Get some exercise
Exercise gets the blood pumping and leaves you with fresher-looking skin. Double-points if you can do it in the fresh air!

Facial massage
Turn your nightly cleansing routine into more of a spa ritual by adding in some facial massage. This boosts the production of collagen.
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Total effects moisturiser

Bennionroad21 24/02/2017

My skin feels so smooth and moisturiser. So pleased I came back to this brand. It has SPF 15 too!


Ackroyd 09/10/2016

Is very good for your skin make you feel good


zetland 18/06/2016

I agree! Very good advice which I try to incorporate into my routine


giraffe1orange 01/06/2016

how do you leave a review for instance monthly goody bag pressed review and it takes you to shop now


maidenrocks 27/05/2016

Very handy tips for young looking skin 🤗

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