How to keep cool and stay covered

How to keep cool and stay covered

Just because you don’t want to swelter on hot, sticky days, it doesn’t mean you have to whip everything off. Here are our top five ways to dress for sunny weather without revealing all.

Just because you don’t want to swelter on hot, sticky days, it doesn’t mean you have to whip everything off. Here are our top five ways to dress for sunny weather without revealing all.

After reaching certain milestones in life, many of us decide that the days of stripping down to a bikini every time the sun comes out are over.

But just because we don’t want to dress in revealing clothing doesn’t meant we have to dread overheating on warm summer days. Choose the right clothes for covering up and you can protect yourself from sun-damaged skin as well as beating the heat. Take a look at these tips for hot-weather dressing to find out how.

Choose loose, flowing cuts

Keeping cool in the heat is all about getting a breeze on your skin. The fresh air means that sweat evaporates quickly, cooling you down and preventing you from feeling sticky.

But that doesn’t mean you have to bare all – just wearing loose tops and flowing skirts can let the fresh air circulate. So bring on the maxi dresses, loose tunics and maybe even a kaftan for some boho chic while you sip on a cocktail in your deckchair.

Ditch the denim for breathable fabrics

Even if you normally live your life in jeans at the weekend, when a heatwave strikes, it’s time to put them away.

Heavy fabrics like denim aren’t the only ones to avoid. Synthetics like nylon are also much worse at letting in cool air and absorbing sweat. For maximum summer comfort, aim for lightweight natural fabrics like cotton and linen.

Lighten up to beat the heat

Brilliant whites and summery pastel shades don’t just look great in the sunshine – they also keep you cool by reflecting the sun’s rays. And there’s no need to worry about the downside of light clothing either – the unforgiving way they show up stains.

It’s easy to keep your cool summer clothes clean with the fast-dissolving action of Ariel Excel Gel. And because it cleans brilliantly even at cooler temperatures, it won’t heat up the house when you get a wash on.

Cool off with a hat trick

Wear a hat in winter to keep warm, wear a hat in summer to stay cool – is there nothing hats can’t do? It might seem like a contradiction, but it’s all about insulation: in winter the hat helps to keep in your body heat, while in summer it blocks the hot rays from the sun so they can’t warm you up.

Pick a lightweight, breathable style like a classic straw hat to get all of the cooling effect, without trapping your body heat and getting sweaty under the brim.

Invest in good sunglasses

Getting the right outfit for sunny days is about protecting yourself from the damage caused by UV rays as well as the heat. So don’t forget your eyes: UV radiation from the sun can contribute to vision problems such as cataracts. Look for shades that block 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt that great-looking sunglasses will stylishly frame your face, adding the finishing touch to your summer look. For the perfect shape, try angular styles for round-shaped faces or frames with a strong browline if you’ve got a longer face.

Do you have any fashion tips for getting through the summer heat? Share your ideas in the comments box below.

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Cool as a cucumber

drmqn442 20/06/2017

Love hot sunny days just hate feeling hot I use a fine mist spray Boots Hot weather cooling spray it will Instantly cools and hydrates can also be used on your body I use this when on holiday when out and about and just need a quick fresh felling great at night when your feeling the heat when trying to sleep. I always have this when going away of going out for the day and its very hot sticky outside. I love it

so cool

maria 01/06/2017

Great ideas for the summer months. just love this

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