How to face every party with confidence

How to face every party with confidence

Are you starting to feel invisible at social occasions? This is common for women over 50, so here we’re sharing tips to help you feel great at every event you go to…

Are you starting to feel invisible at social occasions? This is common for women over 50, so here we’re sharing tips to help you feel great at every event you go to…

It’s officially the season to celebrate! However if you feel like, over the years, you’ve become more “invisible” when faced with a younger, more confident crowd, you’re not alone.

It’s normal for your self-esteem to take a knock as you adjust to being a more senior member of staff at the work party, or perhaps when you’re at a social occasion on your own after splitting from a long-term partner.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you feel your best, wherever and however you find yourself celebrating. Follow our tips to help ensure you’ll stay comfortable and confident right to the end...

1. Ask questions

Did you know that self-disclosure actually triggers the same sensation in the brain as pleasure does? Like food, money or even being given a compliment, sharing information feels rewarding, which is why asking questions at parties as an opener is a smart move.

As soon as your fellow party-goers get chatting, you’ll feel yourself loosening up. But try to think outside the box: rather than asking someone how far they’ve travelled to get there or what they do for a living, think about what you’d like to be asked and lead with that. You might be surprised at what you have in common…

2. Follow your own style

We’ve all been there – an invite lands in your email inbox with a theme, and you find yourself scanning the most unlikely of websites and shops in a bid to find an outfit that isn’t exactly ‘you’ but shows willing.

But while respecting your host’s wishes is considerate, it’s also key to find something you feel comfortable in – and if dressing like a reindeer isn’t it (and let’s face it, that’s more than okay), then don’t force yourself.

To show you’re still in the spirit, simply add a bit of sparkle or wear a festive red. For inspiration on how to look elegant at any party, click here.

3. Have a test run

If you’re braving a new outfit or trying something different with your hair, give yourself a test run (after all, there’s no worse time to find out those heels are too high than at 7.45pm on a Saturday night!).

A dry run will give you a much-needed confidence boost and see you stepping out the door feeling great on the night.

4. Relax

You know from experience that there’s nothing worse than arriving frazzled – it sets your night off to a bad start. And it’s not just about booking a taxi in advance or checking if the roads will be busier than normal.

Get that beautician appointment in the diary in advance. As you no longer have to worry about fitting in the needs of small children before you leave, you can reschedule your day so you have plenty of time to turn getting party-ready into a relaxed and leisurely experience.

And remember, your hair is your ultimate accessory, so make sure it’s frizz-free and silky all night long by washing it with Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner.

5. Find a party buddy

Arriving with a friend means you’ll already be in a great mood when you walk through the door. No last-minute nerves about who to greet first, or what to do if you don’t recognise someone you know. And when you introduce yourself to new people, use their name too – psychologists say it makes you more liked among your peers.

How do you boost your confidence before a social event? Let us know your tips in the comments section below.

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