Hats off to the end of hat-hair!

Hats off to the end of hat-hair!

A cosy hat is a winter essential for style and warmth. With the help of these tips, you can look and feel good without the perils of flattened or wild hair.

“Hats make people feel good, and that’s the point of them,” says the renowned designer, Philip Treacy. For many people that’s true: a hat is the finishing touch and focal point of their look.

And it’s not just because of their style statement that they make the wearer feel good. When the cold weather starts to bite, we want to protect ourselves from the elements in every way we can. A good warm hat is an essential part of the winter wardrobe. While it’s an old myth that 40 per cent of body heat is lost through the head, scientific tests do show that we get colder much faster than oth-erwise expected if we’re wrapped up warm but bare-headed.

So there are great reasons to break out the headgear in the colder months. This season, consider a classic felt fedora, a Parisian beret for a touch of bohemian flair or a woolly beanie, ideal for non-chalant dress-down days.

But some of us don’t feel so good about hats when it’s time to take them off. Our hair ends up crushed and lifeless or all over the place. There is an answer to these worries, however. A few sim-ple precautions can help you stay warm and avoid the worst effects of hat-hair – the twin perils of either a flattened, limp hairdo or a wild, static-shock look.

First, try to ensure that your hat is made from natural materials like wool and cotton. These fabrics are resistant to static cling, unlike synthetic fibres. Loose berets and floppy hats can help too: be-cause they don’t press against the hair, they give it more chance to regain its shape.

Tempting as it is to save a few minutes in the morning, make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry before putting on a hat. Even slightly damp hair will dry in flattened and in the shape of your hat. Not a good look in the office!

Building up volume in your hair can also help it rebound once you take off your hat. Hairdressers recommend a little backcombing or curling your hair in soft waves. Products like Pantene Pro-V Perfect Volume hairspray can add extra body to your hair, keeping it full even under the pressure of a hat.

Or you could try putting your hair into a loose braid before putting on the hat, protecting it from pressure and static. Then once you’re inside, you can let your hair down with confidence.

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Hard to find

Janet 24/11/2017

I have used Pantene mousse for years but have not been able to find it lately. Can you help please as it is my preferred mousse?

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