Give your hair the beach look every day

Give your hair the beach look every day

If you want that natural look of wavy hair after spending a day on the beach then try some of these effortless tips for perfect beach hair.

If you love that relaxed look your hair has after a day on the beach, you can recreate the style every day at home with these four effortless hairstyle tips.

Use salt spray
A salt spray can help bring out the natural wave in your hair and will work on all hair types. Using the spray will also stop frizzy hair and add volume (just as if the ocean breeze had been blowing through it). Wash your hair with Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo, which will leave it incredibly clean without leaving any build-up, then spray a little salt spray onto your damp hair. Use your hands to scrunch up your hair as it air dries, or use a diffuser for more volume. This style will look good for two days.

Wear a bun to bed
Wash your hair before bed and dry until it’s just damp. Then brush through and tie up into between one and four low buns depending on how wavy you want it. In the morning, take out the buns and your hair should have gorgeous relaxed, curly waves.

The curling iron trick
If you have naturally straight hair, use a small curling iron to curl your hair into very tight curls, then sleep on it. When you wake, you’ll have natural-looking waves without any iron marks.

Think about the colour
Beach hair has natural highlights from days in the sun. To recreate this effect, find a hairdresser that does balayage – a type of highlight where the bleach is painted directly onto the hair for a more natural look.

Tip: If you’ve taken the beach look too far and have managed to sunburn your scalp, use Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner to ensure you have flake-free waves.

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Head and Shoulders

Hopegirl 16/08/2016

I love Head and Shoulders, my hair is shiny for the first time in months and the lovely fragrance really lasts

Beach Look Tresses

Sammi 15/08/2016

Some really great tips, cant wait to give them a try

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