Four solutions to winter-hair horror

Four solutions to winter-hair horror

From dried-out strands to windblown birds’ nests, winter can be tough on your hair. But we’ve got just the tricks to get you through.

When the winter weather works against you – with cold, dry air, rain and wind – it’s hard to keep your locks looking luscious.

So it’s important to add a treatment on top of your regular shampoo and conditioner routine. Aussie’s Winter Remedy 3 Minute Miracle, for example, is the perfect sub-zero hero for hot winter shine, and it works on all hair types – even if your hair has changed over the years.

Read on to find out more, plus extra tips on looking after your hair this winter, so that your hairdo doesn’t become a hair-don’t.

Feeling dry and drab

If your hair feels crunchy and straw-like, dull and hard to style, it’s probably a combination of two things: icy air sapping moisture from the strands, and too much heat-styling.

The solution: use a shampoo and conditioner that are extra-nourishing, to counter the effects of the air temperature and heat styling. Try Aussie Winter Miracle Limited Edition Shampoo and Conditioner, which contain Australian ginseng and pearl powder to add a lustrous shine to your hair. Then finish off with a dose of Aussie Winter Remedy 3 Minute Miracle to give your hair that extra bit of love to make all the difference.

Your hair’s electric

Static is the enemy of sleek hair – ever had that moment when you pull on a jumper or take off a woolly hat only to find your hair standing up on end? It’s down to that cold, dry air again, charging your hair with static. If your hair is damaged by colour, that could make it more prone to static.

The solution: as well as keeping your hair in great rel="noopener noreferrer" condition with Aussie Winter Miracle Limited Edition Shampoo and Conditioner, and giving it an extra deep treatment with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy, there are two nifty tricks that work every time.

First, rub an anti-static dryer sheet over your brush – you can rub it over your hair too. Then mist hairspray over the brush and, while it’s still damp, brush your hair with it to keep it looking sleek.

Split ends

All that heat styling and dry air eventually take their toll on the ends of your hair, leaving it looking flyaway and messy. And if you have grey hairs, these often have a drier texture, which means they have more of a tendency to split ends.

The solution: the only real answer is to trim off the ends. Start the winter with a good haircut and then make the extra effort to keep it in good condition with the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy treatment. Other than that, simply make sure you get it trimmed every six weeks or so, to keep split ends at bay.

Matted, tangled tresses

Whether the wind is blowing your hair all over the place, or it’s getting caught up in a collar or under a hat or scarf, you’ll probably find it’s harder to brush through those tangles in winter. That in turn can weaken your hair, breaking the strands as you struggle to drag a brush through it.

The solution: to help deal with knots, get a detangling brush and be more careful with how you brush – so start at the ends and work your way up, rather than just dragging your brush through the whole length).

But tangle prevention is even better, so a regular deep treatment, such as Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy, will keep your hair soft and supple, making it less prone to tangles in the first place.

Winter is also a great opportunity to get creative with styles, which will help keep your hair neat. Plaits are fashionable this season, and they’re not just for teenagers. If you have longer hair, they will help keep your locks under control – as well as creating a glamorous wave when you let them loose! Have you tried rel="noopener noreferrer" Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Winter Remedy? Click here to buy it now – and why not leave a review to let us know how you find it?

For a limited time, leave a comment below for a chance to be one of 20 winners of a Winter Bundle of five Aussie products.

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Just Dull

donna 16/01/2019

I would love to test this product its sounds amazing, just what I need to bring life back to my hair, when my hairs feels good I feel good, just the winter pick up I need..

Aussie Hair Products

Nicola 15/01/2019

I swear by Aussie’s Winter Remedy 3 Minute Miracle, my hair has never felt better since I started to use it. Loads more manageable than before.

The winter hair product to buy

joyro1 12/01/2019

These product are a must to buy during the winter months, helping manage hair in the winter and leaving hair soft, i highly recommend Aussie hair product, what you waiting for.

aussie winter remedy

tina 30/12/2018

i love these products they are the only products that leave my air soft and manageable i buy them all the time

Winter Hair Care

Deborah 28/12/2018

Wow sounds like a great prize

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