Four solutions to winter-hair horror

Four solutions to winter-hair horror

From dried-out strands to windblown birds’ nests, winter can be tough on your hair. But we’ve got just the tricks to get you through.

From dried-out strands to windblown birds’ nests, winter can be tough on your hair. But we’ve got just the tricks to get you through.

When the elements are against you, it’s hard to keep your locks looking luscious. With cold, dry air, rain, wind, colouring and a whole lot more heat-styling, it’s tempting just to give up and shove it all under a woolly hat for the day – but then you have hat hair to deal with too!

Read on, then, for our four top tips to making sure your hairdo doesn’t become a hair-don’t.

Feeling dry and drab

If your hair feels crunchy and straw-like, dull and hard to style, it’s probably a combination of two things: icy air sapping moisture from the strands, and too much heat-styling. Of course, in the cold weather you can’t just leave your hair to dry, so it’s easy to overdo it with the hairdryer, and panic-style with the straighteners.

The solution: use a shampoo and conditioner that are extra-moisturising, to counter the effects of the air temperature and heat styling. Try Pantene Foam Conditioner Repair & Protect for intensive conditioning without weighing your hair down.

Your hair’s electric

Static is the enemy of sleek hair – ever had that moment when you pull on a jumper or take off a woolly hat only to find your hair standing up on end? It’s down to that cold, dry air again, charging your hair with static. If your hair is damaged by colour, that could make it more prone to static.

The solution: as well as keeping coloured hair in condition with Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect Collections, and keeping moisture in with a dry oil, such as Pantene Pro-V Dry Oil, there are two nifty tricks that work every time. First, rub an anti-static dryer sheet over your brush – you can rub it over your hair too. Then mist hairspray over the brush, and while it’s still damp, brush your hair with it, to keep it looking sleek.

Split ends

All that heat styling and dry air eventually take their toll on the ends of your hair, leaving it looking flyaway and messy. And grey hair often has a drier texture, which gives it more of a tendency to split ends.

The solution: the only real answer is to trim off the ends – start the winter with a good haircut and then keep it in good condition with hydrating shampoos from Pantene. Then make sure you get it trimmed every six weeks or so, to keep split ends at bay.

Matted, tangled tresses

Whether the wind is blowing your hair all over the place, or it’s getting caught up in a collar or under a hat or scarf, you’ll probably find it’s harder to brush through those tangles in winter. That in turn can weaken your hair, breaking the strands as you struggle to drag a brush through it.

The solution: while getting a detangling brush and being more careful with how you brush (start at the ends and work your way up, rather than just dragging your brush through the whole length), prevention is even better. A strengthening shampoo and conditioner, such as Pantene Breakage Defence will definitely help, but it’s also a great opportunity to get creative with styles. Plaits are fashionable this season, and they’re not just for teenagers. If you have longer hair, they will help keep your locks under control – as well as creating a glamorous wave when you let them loose. This also helps prevent the dreaded hat hair!

How do you keep your hair looking great through the winter? We’d love you to share your tips in the comments box below.

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foamingly great

Deborah 23/07/2017

I really like Pantene Foam conditioner, its so easy to apply and leaves my hair in great condition and easy to manage.

Winter hair

EccentricSara 20/05/2017

I avoid washing my hair every day,which lessens the need for blow-drying and styling,so that it doesn't dry out as much,and also deep condition it regularly.Less is more! The foam conditioner also sounds great.I'd love to try it,and write a little review for you! :)

Free Sample

Jennifer 18/05/2017

I would like a free sample of Pantene Foam conditioner please. Jenny Johnson 22 Hillington Ilfracombe EX34 8LU

Foam conditioner

Denny1970 18/05/2017

How do I claim my pantene foam conditioner

Rats Tails

audnay 03/02/2017

My hair is awful if I get caught in the rain,I look like bedraggled rat, rats tails, its awful, its like I have just washed it and forgot to dry it. We use Pantene shampoo, but I started to use another shampoo to try and thicken my hair, its tatty, but sometimes you can not get what is suitable for your hair. My partner however will not use any other shampoo except Pantene (green cap) no conditioner and he has used it since he was about 6years old, his hair is in good condition, he gets it cut

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