Five surprising pieces that will totally update your wardrobe

Five surprising pieces that will totally update your wardrobe

It’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to the clothes we wear – but all it takes are a few unique pieces to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

It’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to the clothes we wear – but all it takes are a few unique pieces to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

We’ve reached the age when an important event doesn’t necessarily mean reaching for the credit card and hitting the shops in a last-minute panic – our wardrobes are full of nice pieces we feel confident in.

However, there is a way of incorporating effortless style into your everyday look with just a few smart buys that will last you long into next season (and the one after, too).

Follow our guide to buying wardrobe staples that will seriously pay off, ensuring you keep your finger on the fashion pulse without compromising your personal style.

1. The ‘something sparkly’

From glittery bolero jackets to metallic clutch bags and sequin-emblazoned T-shirts, a little sparkle goes a long way and it’s more wearable than you might think.

Spruce up a casual jeans-and-trainers combo with a jacket or top with some sparkle, or stick to neutral clothing with a glittering accessory and you’ll find it’s impossible not to feel as dazzling as you look.

2. The embroidered blazer

From summer-friendly floral prints to edgier, army badge styles, a blazer (or bomber jacket, if you prefer the sportier look) with a splash of embroidery is a great investment piece that will see you through all seasons.

Throw it on top of a tea-dress in the autumn or wear to the office on a Friday with smart trousers and a shirt, and watch how it pulls together even the most mismatched of outfits – making it perfect for those mornings when nothing seems quite right.



3. The pair of white trousers

White trousers are totally wearable and – despite what you may have heard – definitely not exclusive to whippet-thin body shapes.

A pair of crisp, white trousers or jeans can lighten up the dreariest of winter outfits, giving a whole new lease of life to checked shirts and cashmere jumpers, as well as completing the perfect summer or holiday outfit.

Try wide-legged trousers with a navy or black blouse for a chic monochrome look, or an ankle-length cropped jean for warmer weather.

Keep them looking as good as new for every wear with Ariel 3in1 Pods – which lift stains to reveal clothes that look like new after every wash.

For more tips on how to make white work for you, click here.

4. The animal-print footwear

Suitable for even the biggest of wallflowers, a pair of animal-print ballet pumps or trainers promise to jazz up everything, from your jeans-and-T-shirt daywear to your smarter evening looks.

For winter, try a chunky ankle boot – you’ll be surprised to find that the print looks great with nearly everything.

5. The jumpsuit

We know what you’re thinking… Really? But a jumpsuit can look fabulous, and the best part is there’s no wondering which top works with which pair of jeans when you’re in a rush.

Pair your all-in-one with flat loafers for a relaxed daytime look, or add a stiletto for smarter, evening parties. But always pick your fabric wisely – thinner, silkier prints look chic but require smooth underwear, whereas durable denim is great for weekends with the grandchildren or a quick trip to the shops.

Do it right, and this do-it-all outfit will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

If you’re on a budget, find out how to refresh your wardrobe without spending a penny here.

We’d love to hear your tips on how you keep your style youthful. Share them with us below and visit Ariel for more fashion ideas and inspiration.

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