Five films that made fashion icons

Five films that made fashion icons

The silver screen has made stars out of outfits as well as actors. Discover some of the styles that made fashion history

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
It’s not just the slinky dress, designed by Hubert de Givenchy, or the string of pearls and the sunglasses that makes Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look in the 1961 movie. It’s also the to-go coffee and croissant. That blend of decadence and nonchalance struck a chord and launched a thousand outfits of little black dresses and pearls. In 2006, the original dress was auctioned for £600,000.

2. Rear Window
This is just one of Grace Kelly’s impeccable 1950s looks, stealing the show even in a supporting role. Her fitted tops, full skirts, elbow-length gloves and pearls exemplified the New Look style. Paramount costumer designer Edith Head won one of her eight Oscars for the 1954 movie.

3. Breathless
With a gamine pixie haircut, breton tops, chinos and ballet flats, Jean Seberg defined a much-imitated casual Sixties style in this French New Wave movie. The look was all Seberg too: director Jean-Luc Godard had no costume designer and encouraged actors to wear their own clothing to suit their idea of the character. And how well it worked.

4. Belle De Jour
Catherine Deneuve’s most famous movie saw her playing to her ice-queen reputation, as a sexually-frustrated housewife who turns to prostitution. Her wardrobe, designed by Yves Saint-Lauren, added a dash of sensuality to sharp tailored lines. It began a lifelong partnership, with Deneuve insisting on his designs in future films.

5. The Great Gatsby
The 1974 movie’s pitch perfect evocation of flapper style saw Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan wearing wide-brimmed hats, jewelled caps and lots of white. The loose-fitting 1920s dresses helped to conceal Farrow’s pregnancy during filming. The movie went on to win an Oscar for costume design, with Ralph Lauren having made the men’s outfits.

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