5 ways to keep feeling great in jeans

5 ways to keep feeling great in jeans

You don’t have to ditch your denims just because you’ve entered your fifties. These simple tips will guarantee jeans remain an essential part of your wardrobe.

You don’t have to ditch your denims just because you’ve entered your fifties. These simple tips will guarantee jeans remain an essential part of your wardrobe.

If you are thinking you no longer have the figure for jeans, or they’re for younger women, think again. Making the right choice of style, colour and how you wear them will keep those go-to favourites at the top of your what-to-wear list.

1. Choose the right fit

With so many shapes and styles available, take a little time to consider which jeans best match your body type.

Skinny jeans or jeggings suit ladies with long legs and a slender build. Straight legs are a classic and look good on most because they lengthen legs, although they aren’t the best option for hourglass shapes as they can draw attention to your hips.

Boyfriend jeans are relaxed and loose – they look good on curvy figures and give some volume to ladies with slender legs. Bootcuts are back, and help balance a curvy silhouette, while a flared pair is great for athletic types with broad shoulders and narrow hips, to add a few feminine curves.

If you’ve had the same pair of jeans for a while, remember your shape may have changed over the years. Look at your jeans objectively and get them altered if they need it.

2. Invest in what’s right

When it comes to jeans, it’s worth spending time – and a bit more money – to make sure you get a pair that makes you feel amazing. We’ve all bought jeans over the years that we put on a hundred times, only to take them off again because they feel uncomfortable, look unflattering or have stretched out of shape.

It’s far better, then, to spend a few extra pounds on a pair you’ll never put back on the hanger. Think about the jeans you’ve bought previously that ended up on the reject pile and avoid making the same mistakes.

And don’t worry about what the fashion mags are telling you is this season’s must-have – the best jeans you can buy are the style that suits your figure and make you feel confident.

3. Consider the colour

When it comes to colour, a mid- to dark-blue is a flattering choice and looks smarter than more washed-out shades. To stop the colour from fading, make sure you wash them inside out, and use a colour-preserving liquid detergent optimised for cold washes, such as Ariel Excel Gel Cold Wash. You can get superior results at 30 degrees, but it is still kind and gentle on coloured or patterned clothes.

4. Pair them up

Invest in stylish shoes, a winning jacket and classic, unfussy jewellery to go with your jeans. Skinny jeans work perfectly with an oversized top or tunic for contrast. Straight-cut styles team well with heels for an evening out, as do bootcut jeans, which will make you look slimmer and longer legged. Boyfriend jeans look sophisticated with a good blazer and boots with a mid-heel.

5. Tone up trouble spots

We all know that jeans can make us conscious of our bottoms, legs and waists, so incorporate a few moves into your daily routine that tone up those areas.

Lunges, squats and bridges are all great options to help tone up your glutes, thighs and core, leaving you with a smooth silhouette. Add hand weights or a resistance band to up the challenge, and aim to do these strength moves three times a week. Thinking of taking up yoga to get in better shape? Click here to find out the top five moves to try.

What are your best tips for feeling amazing in your jeans? Share them in the comments section below.

And check out Ariel for more tips on keeping your jeans in their best shape.

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I like Ariel washing powder makes your clothes smell fab also brilliant for removing stains I have never used the pods but would love to try them

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