Clothes that would look good on both you and your daughter

Clothes that would look good on both you and your daughter

Mother and daughter may not agree on all fashion choices, but these are ones that you can definitely both share.

Mother and daughter may not agree on all fashion choices, but these are ones that you can definitely both share.

You love your smartphone and going to festivals as much as your daughter – and she loves your very expensive cashmere sweater and leather brogues as if they were her own.

The good news is there are some versatile and reliable investment fashion pieces that won’t ever date and will always look great, whether worn by you, or by your daughter when she inevitably “borrows” them.

While she’s back from uni on her summer holidays, why not use the opportunity to do a girly shopping trip together? Here are the key pieces to look out for…

Trench coat

How you’ll wear it: effortless and eternally stylish, every woman needs a simple trench coat stashed away for those in-between seasons. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn by mixing your trench with slim black trousers, a Breton top and slip-on loafers.

How she’ll wear it: with an eye for subverting style, your daughter will take your classic trench and team it with her scruffy jeans or faux leather leggings, and a simple white tee for an edgy look. Once she’s thrown on her favourite trainers and her boyfriend’s watch, she’s ready for a relaxed weekend with friends.

Cashmere crew neck jumper

How you’ll wear it: spending a little more on quality fabrics that will take you from season to season is a wise investment.

Wear your grey cashmere with a white shirt underneath, the collar worn high, and your favourite slim jeans. Add a subtle heel and red nail varnish for a smart casual look, ideal for a lunch date with the girls.

How she’ll wear it: soft knitwear is a great way to dress down eveningwear for the day. She’ll throw the jumper over a full silk skirt and white trainers for a stylish and contrasting mix of textures.

White silk blouse

How you’ll wear it: a go-to staple for that put-together look, team a relaxed silk blouse with some chic black, ankle-length culottes and low pointed heel, ideal for going from the office to a few post-work drinks.

Wash the blouse using Ariel Excel Gel to keep it looking as white as when you bought it, and add a cap of Lenor Fabric Softener to keep it fresh for seven times longer, so it will keep looking its best even if those drinks turn into dinner and dancing.

How she’ll wear it: opting for a more casual look, your daughter will wear her blouse soft, loose and with one side tucked into the top of her tight vintage jeans. The devil is in the details, and she’ll layer it with a variety of fine gold jewellery and a statement red lipstick.

Black heeled pumps

How you’ll wear it: the black-heeled pump is as versatile as it is effortlessly sexy. You will wear them with just about anything, from smartening up your favourite jeans for a relaxed evening with friends, to pairing them with a cocktail dress for a sophisticated dinner date.

How she’ll wear it: With Mum’s shoes firmly on her feet, she will pick up some relaxed fit jeans, roll up the hem and add a black T-shirt and fitted black suit blazer. Throwing on some oversized sunglasses and styling her hair in a simple bun will create a sleek look that says she means business.

Bright cross-body bag

How you’ll wear it: ideal when you need more than a clutch bag, a bright cross-body bag in one statement colour will add a pop of style to even your most relaxed of weekend outfits.

Pull over an oversized jumper and your comfiest plimsolls, and you are ready to run errands, have coffee or walk the dog in style.

How she’ll wear it: Worn slung low over an oversized shirt dress and teamed with this season’s must-have patterned flatform sandals. Or, of course, your daughter won’t wear it at all. Instead, she’ll carry the cross-body bag and strap like a clutch. Well, if it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham…

Check out our video below to see how you can both wear jeans, a biker jacket and heels.

What items of clothing does your daughter always borrow from you? Or the other way around! Let us know in the comments section below.

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Day clothes into night clothes

Chrissie 27/10/2017

Well my 26yr old daughter Anna borrows all my t-shirts as night clothes. Charming!. But my make up bag is the worst most grungiest ever! Why? She's always stealing my makeup Like best glamour lipsticks mascaras and tweezers. Arrgh.!

Good old trusty denim

Chalky1101 20/07/2017

Can't beat skinny jeans,me and my 16 year old daughter love them and would never be without in our wardrobe also we are the same size so can share☺️

Sharing with your Granddaughte

Norma 04/07/2017

I am 77years young and my Granddaughter is 30 and she comes and borrows my dresse's We also have the same size in shoes so she needs the shoes to match the dress. We are both very proud of the fact and if she gets a compliment about what she is wearing [which she frequently does] she obviously thanks her friend then tells them it is her Grandma's dress.

Sharing is caring

07708946953 01/07/2017

It must be lovely to have that kind of friendship with your mum,to be able to share clothes must be nice going shopping together

Sharing caring

Gemma 28/06/2017

Me and my daughter share clothes it's great

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