Chic wedding guest outfit ideas for women over 50

Chic wedding guest outfit ideas for women over 50

When a wedding invitation arrives, don’t automatically fall back on floral. Try these stylish alternatives instead…

When a wedding invitation arrives, don’t automatically fall back on floral. Try these stylish alternatives instead…

You probably remember a time in your 20s and 30s when it felt like you were going to a wedding every month. Now those invites are starting to arrive once more, as younger family members and friend’s children, as well as your own, are saying “I do”.

But, while when you were younger a wedding was a chance to get dolled up in your favourite dress, it can feel harder now if your figure has changed and you might feel like you want to hide away your arms or feel more conscious of your waistline.

Luckily, the days when wedding guests over 50 had little choice apart from a floral frock or a lilac skirt suit are gone, and these days there are plenty of different options that will suit both your style and the occasion.

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For a traditional country wedding

If the event involves a marquee, string quartet and Pimms on the lawn, there is an understandable impulse to reach for a classic dress. And there’s nothing wrong with that – a bold floral print can look great in these surroundings.

However, if you want to mix things up, then a stylish way to wear a similar silhouette in a fresh fashion is to pair a statement A-line skirt with a fitted top. The midi-length is classic, and allows the skirt’s bold colour or print to take centre stage. Or try a high-low hem for extra drama – midi at the front and ankle length at the back.

Keep the focus on the skirt by teaming it with a plain top or even a T-shirt. If you’re conscious of your arms, go for long or elbow-length sleeves, with a slash neckline or even off-the-shoulder in a cool jersey fabric.

If you prefer trousers to skirts, then culottes are a modern and stylish alternative. They’re really having a fashion moment now too. Apply the same ideas as above for a chic yet comfortable style.

A modern city wedding

To fit in with this trendier setting, why not try a trouser suit instead of a dress? Look for one with a structured blazer, worn with trousers in any fit you favour – wide leg, cigarette and skinny all work well.

A suit in a pastel shade will help it feel more “weddingy”, but if you still feel too much like you’re heading for the office, then a jumpsuit is an excellent alternative. It negates the need to work out which top to wear, as well as any worries about tops riding up on the dancefloor!

And, while a floral frock can feel dated at a countryside ceremony, a trouser suit or jumpsuit with bold blooms can conversely feel rather modern and edgy. A plain silk camisole or T-shirt pairs brilliantly with a statement print trouser suit.

A destination beach wedding

In theory, a beach wedding sounds really romantic. In reality, however, it can bring some sartorial challenges. Not only does your outfit need to be suitable, but it needs to be comfortable – the last thing you want is to overheat. In addition, it needs to survive the journey intact and not be crushed in your suitcase en route.

An outfit that is loose and flowing will keep you cool in tropical climes. Palazzo pants, for example, are an ideal way to look stylish and feel comfortable in higher temperatures. Pick a pair in a lightweight silk or linen, either plain or printed, and wear with a loose cotton or silk shirt to keep the look smart.

If it’s a low-key affair, then smartened-up versions of beachwear could also work. That doesn’t mean any old shorts and T-shirt though! Classically tailored shorts worn with a bright top will do the trick. Or save the hassle of separates by opting for a playsuit in a vibrant print instead.

Beachwear has really upped its game in recent years, so you could even go for a luxe kaftan in a bright colour, or a tropical-print maxi dress with jewelled flip-flops. Plus, this way you can dance all night without getting sore feet!

A formal black-tie wedding

Upon receiving an invitation to a black tie event, most people tend to go one of two ways. Either they go all out, searching for a heavily beaded and embellished gown. Alternatively, they simply go for a classic LBD.

But there are alternatives. If you want to go full length, don’t feel like you must embrace the embellishment too. In fact, a plain gown with a structured silhouette can look much more stylish, and you can add sparkle in your accessories.

A cowl or cape back detail will keep a long gown looking elegantly understated, and you don’t need to go for a big ballgown skirt – a soft mermaid can be very flattering. Play with proportion – if your dress has a high neck or sleeves, you could show some skin with a split at the front to reveal some leg.

If full length is not for you, then a cocktail dress can fit the dress code if it’s not too short. Either way, black tie events are a great time to wear bright colours and stand out from the crowd, as many people tend to stick with black. If you do prefer a darker dress, opt for navy as it can be more flattering and look more sophisticated than black.

What outfit would you wear if you were invited to the Royal Wedding? We’d love to read your ideas in the comments box below.

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Cannot find a outfit

Juliette 1964 30/10/2018

Im looking for ideas for a suit for an upcoming wedding. I can't find one that suits my figure can you help . Im 5ft 8 mad either length too short or the top not long enough . Thankyou juliette

My Wedding Outfiit

Les 15/06/2018

A Summery Strappy Long dress with a Plain White Butterfly Design Shawl did it for me a week ago:-)

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