Beauty trends from the Fashion Week catwalks

Beauty trends from the Fashion Week catwalks

Tamsin Blanchard looks at the how the fashion weeks, from Milan to London, have inspired what we’ll be doing with our own looks over the coming AW season.

Tamsin Blanchard looks at the how the fashion weeks, from Milan to London, have inspired what we’ll be doing with our own looks over the coming AW season

If you’re a high maintenance kind of gal, ease yourself into the new season gently. Put down the tongs and stand away from those straightening irons. This is the season of just-got-up hair and barely there lips.

For autumn/winter 2016, we are going to be dressing down, feeling a little urban and sporty, and (in a rare moment for the fashion world) keeping it real.

For most of us that means carrying on as we were. But if this is your style anyway, at least you can feel a little smug about being on trend.

Shake it up

Let’s face it, we all know what a lift a bit of lipstick and eyeliner can give, and how much more together we feel with a more defined eyebrow, but you are going to have to be slightly more restrained. Or at least try!

  • If you like a strong lip colour, keep the rest of your face neutral.
  • If you feel your eyes are your best feature, go to town with the liner, bitter chocolate eye shadow (there are some great new colour palettes out there, with some subtle mixes of browns and khaki greens), volume mascara and brow shapers but keep your lips a little more low key.

Try something new

It’s a good time to get out of your beauty rut.

I’m definitely going to try the dark blackberry lips I’ve seen on the models at the Dior show. I might even try a bit of gloss (after dark like all the best vampire brides).

But I’ll be stopping the habit of a lifetime and will just give my eyes a touch of mascara. And I might try a side parting and a low chignon. Nothing too fancy. You don’t want to look too ‘done’ this season, and this is about as glossy as it goes.

Make-up trends

Matte lips – another new make-up trend to try is a bit of flat matte colour on your lips.

  • Opt for something pretty - pink and powdery - or think Lauren Bacall (or eighties Sade, still something to strive for) and go for red.
  • The new breed of creamy matte lipsticks don’t dry your lips out and it’s a great look for day when you want some colour without looking like you’ve tried too hard.

Elevated basics – if you can’t bring yourself to have messy hair and a low key make-up look to wear with your ‘elevated’ basics (the new way to describe sportswear that’s smart enough to wear to the office).

  • Channel Victoria Beckham (her new make-up range is an absolute treat, a real make-up fanatic’s dream with its gold fluted packaging and enough shades of grey to make your eyes seduce all night).
  • Or just do your own thing. Experiment. There’s glitter for eyelids, tinted glosses that you can use on your cheeks as well as your lips.

My favourite new find is a matte red lipstick that comes as a pendant you hang round your neck. It’s by Christian Louboutin, no less. And guess what? You can match your lips to the soles of your very best Louboutin shoes.

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