Beauty routine tweaks that will keep you looking youthful

Beauty routine tweaks that will keep you looking youthful

As we age, our skin and hair can change, so here’s how to keep up and stay looking your best.

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As we age, our skin and hair can change, so here’s how to keep up and stay looking your best.

Does the faithful beauty routine you’ve stuck with for years suddenly not work like it used to?

As we age, fluctuating hormones, gradual deterioration and the effects of our lifestyles can start to have an effect on our hair and skin. You might notice your once-glossy hair is starting to dry out, for example, or your skin may become flaky and more sensitive than before.

This means it’s important to adapt your beauty routine to take care of your changing skin and hair needs – and this will help to keep you looking youthful and at your best. Here’s what to consider…

Your skincare

Probably the most obvious effect ageing has on our bodies is in skin changes, so you need to crank up your skincare to help keep it healthy and youthful-looking. (And the good news is, scientists have discovered you don’t need good genes to have great skin – it’s more important how you take care of it).

Your skin gets drier as you age, so look for a thicker, richer moisturiser and body lotion. And if you’ve got sensitive skin too, opt for fragrance-free.

To combat fine lines and wrinkles, look for products containing Niacinamide as it helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and aids your skin’s natural glow, and of course always wear an SPF.

For more information on how your skin changes when you’re over 50, click here.

Your hair care

Like your skin, your hair can dry out as you get older, so you may notice it looking more “straw-like”. You may also be suffering with dandruff, as your scalp can dry out, causing flaking skin, itchiness and redness.

Try switching to Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Shampoo as it takes care of your scalp, visibly reducing any signs of dandruff. Then follow it with the Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Conditioner, which contains moisturising agents and argan oil to nourish your hair from root to tip, giving you softer hair from the first wash. This way you can have dandruff-free, gorgeously moisturised hair no matter your age.

If you also have trouble with thinning hair, check out our chic styles that help give the illusion of va-va voom.

Your make-up

It seems logical that the more imperfections appear, the more make-up you should use to cover them up. But this isn’t the case – in fact, too much make-up can age you. Instead, it’s about using the right make-up in the right way.

For your skin, avoid heavy foundations, which can highlight fine lines and wrinkles. Instead try a tinted moisturiser or CC cream. To help the coverage last, use a primer first ¬– one that doubles up as a pore minimiser is a good idea.

Use the coverage on your whole face, right up to your eyes, and down the neck. Then use a light-reflecting concealer on top of your cheekbones to help disguise dark circles. Apply some cream blusher to the apples of your cheeks and sweep up towards your temples.

Eyebrows tend to thin out with age, so pencil them in with a shade slightly lighter than your natural colour.

Dark eye shadows can make eyes look smaller, so use a light shimmery shade right up to the brow bone to achieve a bright, lifted look. Then use a pencil eyeliner along your top lashes to give definition, but stop just short of the end of your lashes so your eyes don’t look “dragged down”. Finish off with a slick of thickening mascara – with lengthening formulas you risk making your lashes look “spidery”.

Finish off by lining the outside of your lips with a neutral colour that matches the colour of your lips as closely as possible to make your pout look fuller. For lipstick, while it’s best to avoid dark shades, bright lipstick, like a vibrant coral or orange, will give your whole look a lift, so go for it!

How to you keep yourself looking youthful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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2janes 16/02/2018

I keep swimming as many times as I can per week, it is hard to find time but is important to keep healthy and not get into a bad regime.

Keeping hydrated

cat1980uk 16/02/2018

I make sure I drink plenty of fluids as to look hydrated on the outside you need to be on the inside

Plenty of fresh air and sleep

Carol 16/02/2018

Fresh air is so good for you, for your body & soul .. exercise & as much sleep as you can get all help to keep your body well ..

Sunscreen and big hats

Victoria 16/02/2018

Channel your inner movie star and weasr big hats in the sun, keeps the sun off your face and neck.

Stay hydrated

Claire 16/02/2018

Drink plenty of water is my best tip it keeps skin hydrated too :)

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