Beauty lessons women over 50 want to share

Beauty lessons women over 50 want to share

 Looking good has no age limit, as these three women have discovered. Here, they talk about how their idea of what is beautiful has changed over the years… 

Looking good has no age limit, as these three women have discovered. Here, they talk about how their idea of what is beautiful has changed over the years…

Roberta Caruso, 52

Being a survivor of breast cancer has changed Roberta’s idea of beauty. Here, she shares her story.

“When I was younger, I took my body, and my health, for granted. I was 46 when I found a lump in my breast. It was confirmed as cancer, but luckily it hadn’t spread. I opted for a mastectomy and had surgery to reconstruct my breast. I found the reconstruction more traumatic than the mastectomy itself, and it made me rethink all my ideals of beauty.

“My children, who were 10 and eight at the time, asked a lot of questions and I explained that Mama was having surgery so that her body looked “normal” again. My daughter, the eldest, couldn’t believe it. ‘So, you don’t have to have these operations?’ she asked. She couldn’t understand why anyone would have an operation they didn’t need just because of the way they looked.

“I was really taken aback by that, and I began to wonder if I had done the right thing in having a reconstruction. After all, who says a woman’s body should be symmetrical? After my new breast settled down and began to feel like part of me, I was glad that I went ahead with it, but what my daughter said stayed with me.

“These days, I’m so grateful to have a healthy body that I barely give a second thought to what I look like. Ironically, though, I think I look better now than 10 years ago – my diet is good, I no longer drink alcohol and I exercise regularly. I understand how important it is to feel you look nice. But life has taught me that it’s not the most important thing.”

Anna Huxley, 66

Anna’s decided to relax her beauty regime recently – and says she looks and feels all the better for it.

“I was helping out at my granddaughter’s birthday party a couple of months ago, looking at all my daughter’s friends and thinking how times had changed from when my children were young. Then there really was quite a bit of pressure on women to keep up with fashion and the new hair and make-up trends. I’m sure it’s the same now, but this generation of mothers seemed so much more comfortable in their skin than I ever was.

“I decided I would try to be less fussy about my own appearance. I’ve started to grow my hair a little and pin it back casually rather than making sure it’s perfect, and to wear lighter make up. I’ve had my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted for the first time – it’s made such a difference. I look more natural and feel younger and freer, somehow – and I’ve been getting so many compliments.

“I talked about it with my daughter who said she loved my new laid-back look and hadn’t realised how stressful I’d found it to ‘keep up appearances’. There’s so much more to life than looking perfectly groomed – I wish I’d known that at her age!”

Anne-Marie Meyer, fiftysomething

A health scare made Anne-Marie, from Paris, rethink her approach to beauty in her fifties.

“French women have a reputation for being chic – it’s in our blood! When I was younger I prioritised looking good over everything else, including my health. I smoked a lot and didn’t eat much because I wanted to stay slim. But as I’ve got older, I can see and feel the effect of those choices.

“I had a health check a few years ago and my blood pressure was very high. My doctor gave me a choice – start medication or change my lifestyle. I didn’t want to take pills, so I gave up smoking and decided I would try to be healthier.

“I started walking everywhere, and eating healthy fats, such as nuts or avocado. The walking, more than anything, has made a real difference. I stride out in the morning for an hour and do the same in the evening. There’s no point in wearing make-up or doing my hair, because I come back and shower and then I’d just have to do it all again.

“At first, going out without make-up felt like going out naked. But as I got fitter, I started to care less – and now when I get back I have a lovely rosy glow in my cheeks that has nothing to do with expensive make-up.

“My new lifestyle has made me healthier and my blood pressure is now normal. I’ve also got much more confidence. Of course, I still wear make-up and get dressed up for an occasion, it’s just not something I feel I need to do every day.

“I learnt the hard way that looking after your body starts from the inside out. Then you can add the glamour and glitz!”

This feature has been brought to you by Olay, which works hard to empower women to embrace their age and nurture their youthful spirit.

How has your attitude to beauty changed over the years? We’d love to know. Please comment below and tell us.

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lifetime use

Wendy 25/04/2018

l am 66 now l and have all ways use olay l am not some one who wears a lot of make up and l worked in the early mornings so it was a quick wash and go in the morning.but l really think olay has helped

Health first but


I’m 68 and when I was young, I wore makeup every day. As I got older, I realised I always looked the same so decided only to wear makeup for special occasions. I am lucky that I benefit from fairly good skin but I didn’t start having a routine for looking after it until I was turned 50. Now I look after myself more, including a routine morning and night, go to the gym for 7 classes a wk, lost weight & toned up by eating more healthily. I get lots of compliments and now feel that I look better

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