Beauty and the beach: your pre-holiday beauty checklist

Beauty and the beach: your pre-holiday beauty checklist

Heading off on your holidays? Our handy timeline will help you plan so that you can get all your grooming done in advance. The holiday countdown starts here!

Heading off on your holidays? Our handy timeline will help you plan so that you can get all your grooming done in advance. The holiday countdown starts here!

The lead-up to a holiday often feels like it drags on forever; then suddenly it’s the day before and you haven’t even packed, let alone been to the hairdressers to get your roots done, right?

So this year, follow our handy beauty timeline to get organised in advance and avoid that last-minute panic, so you can simply focus on getting to that beach....

One month before

1. Colour your hair

You might already be in the habit of colouring your hair regularly if it’s gone (or going) grey. If so, then you should time your treatment well in advance of your trip.

Sun can fade and lighten your hair, particularly in the first few days after applying colour, so a last-minute dye job could end up being a waste of cash. You could even consider going a shade darker than usual – given that it will lighten in the sun anyway – and then, if needed, simply touch up your roots before you go.

Alternatively, if you’ve decided to embrace the grey, then now would be a good time for an intensive moisturising treatment to protect hair from the drying effects of the sun.

2. Sort your products

Avoid a last-minute dash to stock up on sun protection, insect repellant and all the other travel essentials by taking stock now of what you have and what you need. Don’t be tempted to rely on that half bottle of sunscreen left over from last year as it can lose potency over time, so play it safe and buy a new bottle.

Think about your post-holiday needs too. Sun-exposed skin can be drier than usual, so consider a face or body oil instead of your usual moisturiser. Tanned skin may only need a tinted moisturiser rather than full foundation, plus it looks great against bold colours, so why not treat yourself to a bold coral or pink lipstick to wear on and after your trip?

Two weeks before

1. Start exfoliating

Skin that hasn’t seen the light of day, let alone sunlight, can often look far from its best. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells to leave skin looking smoother, fresher and prepared for poolside exposure. Moisturisers, serums and fake tan also work best on exfoliated skin.

Begin your exfoliating regime now so that skin is in tip-top condition by the time you reach the beach. You can either use an exfoliating brush or glove in the shower with your usual soap or body wash, or buy an exfoliating scrub. Aim to do it at least twice a week, or more if your skin isn’t sensitive.

2. Visit the dentist

It’s worth having a check up before you fly, particularly if you wear dentures. If yours do need adjusting, new ones can take up to a month to get used to, so give yourself enough time to get comfortable ahead of your trip.

One of the joys of travelling abroad is the opportunity to try the local cuisine, so don’t forget to pack your Fixodent so you can try all that yummy foreign food with confidence, not matter how crunchy it is!

One week before

1. Get a haircut

While it should be coloured in advance, hair should be cut closer to your trip, so that any split ends that are vulnerable to sun damage can be snipped off. Depending on how much sun, sea and chlorinated pool water its exposed to, you might need another trim on your return too.

2. Tint your eyelashes

Like the hair on your head, eyelashes can go grey too, so you might hate the thought of going without mascara – but even waterproof formulations can result in the dreaded panda eyes after a dip in the pool. Try an eyelash tint instead, which allows you to enjoy darker lashes without the need for products for up to four weeks.

3. Sort your eyebrows

Well-defined eyebrows can give your whole face a lift, so be sure to have them threaded into shape and tinted before you go. Even if your brows aren’t yet grey, the sun can bleach them, so a tint can give you the colour you crave for a couple of weeks without carting products with you.

The day before

1. Time to de-fuzz

Save the shaving to as close to your departure as you can to maximise skin smoothness and minimise the need to shave again as soon as you’re on your travels.

Alternatively, book in for a salon wax for long-lasting smoothness, without the need to take a razor with you.

2. Get a mani/pedi

A pedicure will get your feet sandal ready, and bright nails look great with a tan. Opt for long-lasting gel nails instead of painting them yourself. They’ll be dry before you leave the salon, so there’s no need to hang around, and you can crack on with packing without the risk of smudging.

3. Use moisturising masks

Sun exposure can dry out both your skin and hair, so top up your moisture levels by using a nourishing face mask while packing – or if you’re feeling brave, you can save it for the plane! A hair mask or deep-conditioning treatment will help keep your tresses in top condition too.

How far in advance do you prep for your hols? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Way too early

Shazza-b 13/05/2018

I get so excited about going on holiday I do it all too early I pack and 're pack several times weeks before. My mani and pedi I do the night before though and shave every where .

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