Anti-age your hair: the products and tips you need

Anti-age your hair: the products and tips you need

Lacklustre locks piling on the years? From Pantene Age Defy, to salon treatments to styling tips, we’ve got the answers.

Dull, dry, damaged, brittle, flat, coarse, thin… Never mind a few grey hairs: our tresses can show their age in all kinds of ways. The good news is that all these problems are fixable. You just need the right products and a few clever tricks.

The best anti-ageing hair products

The Pantene Pro-V Expert AgeDefy Collection is a premium line of shampoo, conditioner and treatments specifically designed to make your hair look up to 10 years younger.

Start by using AgeDefy shampoo and conditioner to give you fuller, thicker hair that shines.

Feel your tresses are on the dry and brittle side? Treat them to the Advanced Rejuvenating Masque. Its unique blend of three nourishing ingredients reduces breakage while taming unruly strands and reducing split-end formation

Want to pump up the volume? The Advanced Thickening Treatment gives the effect of up to 6,500 extra hair strands! Its potent blend of vitamin B3, panthenol and caffeine penetrate the hair strands to make them look instantly fuller and thicker.

Tips to anti-age your hair

1. Get a great cut. A good haircut can take years of you. For example, while there’s no rule that says you can’t have long hair at a certain age, it could be that a few layers around your face make your cut more flattering. Don’t forget a fringe is an instant way to cover forehead lines, too!

2. Think about your colour. The ‘wrong’ hair colour can make your skin look tired and drawn, so it’s well worth talking to your stylist about a shade that flatters, whether that’s embracing your grey or going ‘bronde’ (quite the colour of the moment!).

3. If you can’t take the heat. We all know that dullness, dryness and frizz are exacerbated by straighteners, hairdryers and curling tongs. However, it’s pretty unrealistic to lay off them altogether. What we can do is make sure we always use a heat-protective spray, and change to slightly kinder versions of our ‘tools’ like ionic hairdryers or ceramic straighteners. Don’t forget good old Velcro rollers either – they’re great at giving hair volume (see the next tip) and don’t use any heat.

4. Go big! Nothing looks more youthful than bouncy, voluminous hair so beware poker-straight, flat tresses.

5. Gently does it. Ageing hair is already more prone to breakage so be extra careful about combing it when it’s wet, and instead detangle with a wide-tooth comb whilst your conditioner is in. Overly tight ponytails, buns and towel turbans can cause breakage too.

6. Consider a permanent blow dry. Some women swear by having a permanent blow dry (also known as a Brazilian blow dry) in a salon. This isn’t necessarily to give you dead-straight hair, but it helps to remove frizz, adds in moisture and makes your hair generally easier to manage. It’s not cheap but the effects last a few months.

What are your tips for luscious locks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Anti age hair

Paula 10/02/2017

i always use Pantene my hair is fine i am in my 40's and would love to try this,i like to leave the conditioner in my hair over night wrapped in a towel,it is so clean and soft the next day especially leaving it to dry naturally,so glossy and such a beautiful smell

I love Pantene

wowie 10/02/2017

I have tried so so many different brands in the past, nothing works on my hair like Pantene products do! so my advice is to use pantene! ooh and leave your hair loose in bed, let your hair roam free!!

The Male species

Ryan 10/02/2017

I am a man of 38 and have a lot of grey hair coming in and to be honest I am trying to keep my dark brown hair and would love to try this product to see if it would slow down this inevitable greyness kicking in .

Fine hair


I love the tips on this page and definately trying the hair thickening one.

Old hair

dawnio63 10/02/2017

Great tips there, definitely trying the colour and cut ones and see if it makes a difference to my hair!

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