A New Year of fashion inspiration, same old me.

A New Year of fashion inspiration, same old me.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…. Tamsin Blanchard considers how her style is changing and, importantly, what she’s very happy to leave just as it is.

January. What to wear? It’s a new year. The shops are all on sale, and I know that if I don’t shop now I’ll blink and it will be full on Spring collections on the high street. But do you know what? I don’t think I need any more clothes. Ever.

Back to black

It’s not as though I’m about to change my look. Fashion trends have become such a ridiculous kaleidoscope of ever shifting hem lines, details, pattern and colour that I just can’t keep up. Nor do I want to.

Despite the fact that my wardrobe door doesn’t shut anymore, and I cannot cram any more jumpers, cardigans, and T-shirts into my bulging Ikea chest of drawers, there are about five things I wear on a daily basis. For like you, I’m sure, I am well into my fashion comfort zone.

I’m not sure I can even call it fashion.
I know what suits me, and it’s basically black. I have been known to break out with a bit of print and crazy colour, but I have to be in the right mood.

The trusty tunic

I love a tunic over trousers. I have a few smart tunics if I have to be somewhere serious, and a few less smart ones. I have a pair of trousers from Toast with a slightly sailor edge to them that I bought, oooh, long before my daughter was born. And she’s 13. They give me a strange sense of satisfaction that they have lasted so long, but mainly that I can still get into them.

The never-grow-old favourite

I also love a flat shoe. If I’m honest, I’m a bit addicted to Converse hi-tops. They stop any outfit looking too, well, grown-up. I refuse to let my age restrict my choice of shoe. And if I want to look like a wayward teen from the ankles down, then who is going to stop me? (My own wayward teen is of course, quite free with her advice. Sometimes, she doesn’t have to even say anything. There’s just a look that says, ‘Really? Do you HAVE to wear that?’ I try not to embarrass her. Most of the time.)

My three-step style inspiration action plan

Perhaps as I look in the mirror this January, I might think about edging myself out of my comfort zone and exploring other sources of fashion & style inspiration:

  • I might explore the depths of that bulging wardrobe. I’ve got a few great jackets with a hint of structure that will stop me looking like such a slouch. I’ve got a couple of shirt dresses (I just need to get round to ironing them).
  • I think perhaps if there is one thing I will do, I will invest in a really good belt and I will rediscover my waist. I do have one, but it likes to hide. All I need to do is channel Margaret Howell’s collection for spring/summer 16: a neat 1940s style dress belted at the waist, a splash of tomato red, a shirt tucked into a crisp gathered skirt.
  • And I might even swap the Converse for a pair of loafers…

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    I can relate

    Elana 28/11/2016

    I'm like that, new year seems to mean new clothes, but sometimes I don't want to change my look or need more stuff. So i tend to mix and match my old and new, that way i get to do both.

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