9 women share their killer tips for inner strength

9 women share their killer tips for inner strength

Do you sometimes struggle to feel that you’re good enough? Meet the women who have embraced their imperfections, and learn how you can too.

Do you sometimes struggle to feel that you’re good enough? Meet the women who have embraced their imperfections, and learn how you can too.

Many women say that one of the benefits of getting older is that we become more comfortable in our own skin. However, at any age there is a pressure to be perfect, and this can undermine your hard-earned self-belief, leaving you feeling simultaneously not enough and too much. As a result, we get down on ourselves for not hitting the perfect middle ground.

That’s where Olay’s new #FaceAnything campaign comes in. It’s dedicated to women who are totally owning their attributes and not letting the world make them feel bad for being themselves, and you can too.

Here, they share their secrets of how to feel better in your own skin. And if it’s your skin that’s causing your confidence to dip, then treat it to Olay Regenerist Luminous Perfecting Cream for an instant hit of intense hydration, that also exfoliates and brightens to restore radiance. Couple this with Olay Anti-Wrinkle Firm And Life Eye Renewal Gel for the delicate eye area.

Jamie Rose Dee, Model & Content Creator
Teased for being too feminine while growing up, transgender model Jamie now finds strength in that very femininity.

Be like Jamie:
Once you fully accept who you are, don’t let anyone else make you feel bad about it.

Suzi Grant, Broadcaster and Blogger
Once told that she’s ‘too strong’ to attract a man, Suzi felt almost invisible at 50. Now, almost two decades on, she’s made big changes to her life and is enjoying it to the max.

Be like Suzi:
Identify what’s most important to you and make that the focus of your life.

Louise Pentland, Mumfluencer
Often dismissed as ‘just a mum’, Louise built her blog into a successful business while bringing up a young family. Ignoring the naysayers who said it was impossible to do both, she carved her own route to success.

Be like Louise:
Trust your instincts and do things your way.

Lady Leshurr, Musician
Pursuing her dream career led the rapper and singer to make many bold moves – from leaving the midlands for London, to putting her career on hold for a year. But that bravery has enabled to forge the career she wants.

Be like Leshurr:
Have courage in your convictions, even if it’s scary.

Em Ford, Filmmaker & Storyteller
Em was struck with acne in her early 20s but instead of hiding away, she chose to show her complexion. She turned the resultant abuse into a powerful film, which went viral, becoming a huge support to her fellow sufferers.

Be like Em:
Learn to be fearless – it doesn’t mean you won’t be scared, just that you don’t let fear stop you.

Hannah Witton, Online creator & Author
Hannah has made a career out of talking about topics that are often taboo – periods, sex and poo, to name a few. As an ulcerative colitis sufferer, she also raises awareness of this and other invisible disabilities.

Be like Hannah:
Openness creates connections, so be true about what you’re going through and you’re bound to find support – sharing is caring, after all!

Tanya Burr, Actor & Influencer
Starting out as a vlogger, Tanya has always gone after what she wanted in her working life – whether that’s a magazine cover, her own beauty range or a new career an actress – and has always completely owned her ambition.

Be like Tanya:
If you’re driven – embrace it. Ambition is not a dirty word!

Felicity Hayward, Model & Activist
A successful plus-size model, Felicity has fronted countless campaigns for fashion and beauty retailers, as well as posing for Vogue. Using her platform to empower others, she created #SelfLoveBringsBeauty, a global digital campaign and body positive movement.

Be like Felicity:
Confidence comes from within, so don’t let outside forces crush it.

Jazmin Sawyers, Professional Athlete
Jazmin is a law graduate with Olympic and Commonwealth athletic medals for different events, and a passion for singing. Not only is she super busy, she’s able to commit wholeheartedly to each of the different strands of her life.

Be like Jazmin:
You don’t have to stay in your lane – try different things and you might surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

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Always put yourself first


I read this with interest but there seemed to be only one common message - you put yourself first . As a mum of 5 boys I chose mainly to put them before me . I could have had that career , that lifestyle but chose to work evenings and weekends so that I could be there for them . I have no regrets . I had parents that were driven and as a child I had material things but little else . A strong focused mother can't be in 2 places at once .

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