7 secrets to looking and feeling younger

7 secrets to looking and feeling younger

If we don’t look after ourselves properly, maturity can take its toll. But if you incorporate these tips into your lifestyle, you can start to beat the clock

Temporary youth might lie in a needle or surgeon’s knife, but to really look and feel younger than your years, the answers are much less expensive – and a lot less painful!

These seven steps are all you need to know to help your body and mind stay vibrant and youthful.

Keep active

Stretch when you get out of bed to gently wake up your body and be sure to do at least 20 minutes of gentle exercise every day. This can be anything from a yoga class to running around with the grandkids or walking the dog.

Not only is exercise good for keeping you healthy and fit, but it’s good for your mind, too. Indeed, studies have found that walking for just 10 minutes a day lowers your risk of Alzheimer's by 40%.

Stay hydrated

The fountain of youth is not so elusive. In fact we all have one in our kitchens.

Your skin dries out with age, causing a sallow complexion, sagging and wrinkles. You can combat this, however, by drinking plenty of water. Good old H2O also helps give you energy, boost metabolism and beat the bloat.

Also be generous with face moisturisers and body lotions to add and lock in moisture from the outside, too.

Challenge your mind

If you’re retired, it’s surprising how quickly your mind can feel like it’s turning to scrambled egg when you are not challenging yourself on a daily basis.

Be sure to stay alert by doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku – studies show it could help give you the brainpower of someone 14 years younger.

Get a haircut

A fresh new ’do can help to boost your confidence anyway, but there are also ways you can take years off your face with the right haircut.

Talk to your hairdresser about what would suit your face shape and hair type, but some ideas to try are…

Fringe benefits You can hide a multitude of sins with a fringe, including frown lines, age spots and thinning eyebrows.

Go for the chop Long, limp hair can drag down your features – the opposite of a facelift! If your hair is in good condition, wear it as a long bob, just below the shoulders. If you’re feeling brave, a shorter look could help you look more modern – although stick to a shaggy, layered look rather than a blunt cut.

Colour me happy It’s all too easy to desperately cling on to the colour of your youth, but dark hair can make thinning more visible, and wrinkles more prominent, so warm it up with some lighter shades.

Hair that’s too light, though, can wash you out, so in this case some caramel lowlights are a good bet.

It is possible to go grey without going granny, but if you decide to embrace it make sure you use a shampoo with blue or violet undertones to neutralise any yellow.

For more ideas on how to anti-age your hair, read our article on the products and tips you need.

Wear bright colours

There appears to be a widely held belief that once you reach a certain age you must only wear beige. Boring! Brighten up your wardrobe with vibrant colours, especially when it comes to accessories such as coats, light scarves and handbags to add popping accents to any outfit.

To make sure your clothes stay young too, be sure to use Lenor Fabric Conditioner, which protects your clothes from the three signs of ageing: fading, stretching and bobbling. Try the new fragrance, Ruby Jasmine, for a youthful scent too.

Choose your make-up carefully

You have to adjust your make-up as your skin ages, opting for light-reflecting foundations and lighter shades of eye shadow and lipstick so as not to emphasise imperfections.

For more tips, see our article on How to anti-age your make-up routine.

Eat well

Crank up the omega-3 in your diet. Found in fish, walnuts, flaxseeds and eggs, these fatty acids help strengthen bones, prevent signs of ageing and make skin radiant.

Pomegranates are also a great addition to your diet, as they have been found to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and potentially help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

For more tips, see our article on Three things you didn’t know were ageing you.

What are your anti-ageing secrets? Spill them in the comments section below.

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Good Health Me

B_ulgac 08/02/2017

I drink plenty of Water I don't smoke because it is very bad for your skin and general health. I excercise regularly. I try not to get stressed as I believe that is bad for your health too. I enjoy the odd glass of wine but I no my limits. I also try to get a good nights sleep.


DIANNE 06/01/2017

I look forward to hearing from you

Feeling and looking young

christopherleefan 22/10/2016

I am a person that thinks and acts positively, and erratate negetive feelings, i never wear make up as it ages you. i eat well, i hardly drink and i certainly do not smoke, i enjoy every day, plenty of walking and fresh air and sleep well, enjoy doing hobbies like writing and reading, if you keep yourself active your mind will always be alert.

products for c patients

sandra210 09/10/2016

having to have treatment as a big c patient i am limited to what products i can use at the minute baby wash ect would be nice to wear make up that doesnt aggravate skin as normal at the minute would be good ,now maybe i have nt looked hard enough but without paying a absolute fortune does any beauty companys supply these things ie eye shadow foundation ,with such a lot of people suffering this desease i would of thought especially for woman there would be availability of these items ?

Good tips

Clarecats 01/10/2016

Thanks, I agree with all of these tips. Good point about the makeup needing to soften in colour. A strong red or blue looks very hard on an older face.

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